How To Use A Meat Mallet- A Perfect Guide For You

Every day there is always something new tool coming which makes our life easier. Nowadays we also have many utensils in the cooking world. Those really make things easier for us to make delicious dishes for our family. One of those is meat mallet. Most of the people do not know how to use a meat mallet, how can it help us to cook meat. So if you are searching for how to use meat mallet then you are in the right place. Today I will tell you how to use this wonderful kitchen tool.

How To Use A Meat Mallet


What Are The Uses Of Meat Mallet

Meat mallet is best for making perfect steaks. To make a perfect steak, do not use the smooth side of the meat mallet. Because the primary purpose of this kitchen tool is to break down fibers and muscle tissue of meat or flatten things out for the meat. This actually helps to cook the meat quickly and more evenly. This procedure makes it easier to chew and eventually digest. Besides these, it also helps to release the right amount of moisture that helps to keep the inner flesh of the meat moist.

Sometimes you pounded your meat but still, your meat is not cooked. This may happen because there was not enough force during pounding your meat with the meat mallet. That is why during hitting the meat with this kitchen tool make sure that you are hitting them with enough force. Otherwise, you will not get what are you looking for in your cooking.

Besides these, you can also use the smooth side of this kitchen tool for other purposes such as crushing nuts, candies, and breadcrumbs, etc.


How To Use A Meat Mallet


How To Use Meat Mallet

If you want to make a perfect stick with meat mallet follow the instructions below.

#Step1: You have to pick the right cuts of meat to pound it. Most of the people make one mistake, which is they use this tool for seafood or vegetables. But no, this kitchen tool you can only use for pork, beef, turkey, wild game or chicken. Not for any other items. The good cuts to pound for steak are various cuts of round, round steak, brisket, flank steak, and skirt steak.

How To Use A Meat Mallet


#Step2: Once your cuts are ready, trim the fat it means that you should remove some fat for strong fatty flavor.


#Step3: Wrap the cut of the meat with plastic or cling wrap and place the meat in the Refridgerator for 30 minutes so that it can get cold. Make sure that you are not putting the meat in the freezer because you have to make it cold not frozen.


#Step4: After chilling your meat in the refrigerator for 30 minutes take it out and place it on the chopping board and put a towel under your chopping board. It will help the chopping board not to get slip during pounding the meat.


#Step5: To tenderize your meat use the side with teeth of the meat mallet. Follow a consistent direction make sure you are not pounding in random places. Be sure that you are not over pounding an area of the meat. To make sure that you can count each time you pound one side of the meat and use the same number of pounds on the other side of the meat.

How to Use A Meat Mallet


#Step 6: You should pound more on the thicker side of the meat. One or two-pound is generally enough for a thicker side of the meat. Make sure that you are not mashing the meat, your meat should be still bouncy after pounding it.

Use the smooth side of the meat mallet if you are using chicken, pork or turkey. These meat are very tender and can be easily bruised that is why make gentle pounding these meats. Put a towel on the top of the meat to prevent the separation of fiber.

Factors To Consider For Buying Meat Mallet

Not only knowing how to use a meat mallet is enough, but also you have to use a perfect meat mallet to make your meat properly tenderized for your meal. Here is some guideline below what should you consider when you buy a meat mallet.


When you buy a meat mallet you have to consider that what is the body of this tool is made of. Stainless steel is the best option for a perfect meat mallet. The tool may quite heavy but it will be more helpful than other material bodies to tenderize the meat effectively and evenly.


How To Use A Meat Mallet



For proper distribution of force and gravity, the mallet should be balanced from the handle to the head. To make sure it is well-balanced check the grip, if you can grip it without too much hassle then it is a perfect meat mallet for you.

Bonding Agent

It means the glue is perfectly is used in combining the parts of the mallet. You need to consider this matter because you would not like it to get detached during pounding the meat.


Make sure that the teeth side of the mallet, all the teeth are equally sized it means the teeth are not too short or too long.


Make sure there is a well protective layer in the handle where you will grip it. As you would be applying force it would be good to have something in between the mallet and in your hand, it will help to prevent calluses.


Wrapping Up

So this is it. This was the basic knowledge that you should know about how to use a meat mallet properly. I hope the above pieces of information will help you to use this kitchen tool.

Happy Cooking!!!!!

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