How To Sharpen A Knife Without Knife Sharpener

Well, it’s really a common thing to have a knife sharpener. However, it is true that sometimes we cannot get it when it is needed most. On outdoor picnic or various kinds of the reason we need to use a knife and of course after a while eventually, there must be a call for a knife sharpener but it becomes invisible as it was never invented before on earth.

For this, it would be very helpful for us to learn some tricks to know how to sharpen a knife without a sharpener. There are several effective ways to sharpen a knife though it entirely depends on the regular utilities we keep with us. So we will tell you about some regular goods that can be a savior as an alternative to knife sharpener.

A simple ceramic mug as a perfect alternative to a knife sharpener

A mug is a common companion while enjoying coffee or tea. So we keep it with us always and everyone has this in their kitchen. But a ceramic mug can be used to sharpen a knife. The bottom of a ceramic mug has proclaimed hard edges that can help to sharpen the knife.



  • All you need is just draw the knife’s blade on the edges of the bottom of the mug several times. Repeat the process with both sides of the blade. It will surely help you to use the knife again.

A piece of wood with a handful of sand would be magical to sharpen the knife

We all know nature is always there for us. We can use something from nature very easily as it is easy to collect.  Though in this era of modern utilities it is really weird to use something like sand, one of the most effective ways is to use the sand with a piece of wood.


Knife Sharpner


  • First of all, take some dry sand and put it on a piece of wood. It will be more effective to use smooth surfaced wood rather than a rough wood.
  • Put some sands on the edge of the wood and rub the blade of the knife on the edges a few times and then flip over the knife to rub the other side as well. With this process, you will get very sharp edges of the blade of your knife.

The top of the glass window of a car can be a very good option

At the outdoor party, while you are with your car, your car’s glass window can help you to get rid of working with a dull knife. You can use the glass of your window to sharpen the knife.


knife sharpner


  • First, place the blade of the knife on the top of the window and tilt the knife up until it matches the angle of the grind on your knife. Then rub the knife slowly a couple of times with both sides. After repeating the process several times you will get a better knife to work with.

Nylon straps of the backpack are not bad as an alternative

On a bad day, anything can happen right! So it is possible to have nothing like mentioned above. So nylon straps might be an option to fix this problem.


How to Sharpen Your Knife


  • Simply hold the strap very tight and rub the knife’s blade from heel to point several times. Rub both sides of the knife to get good sharp blades. Though it requires rubbing the blades many times to get a sharp edge.

Stone is not just a stone anymore



Stone is a very common thing. We can collect it from anywhere. You can sharpen your knife without any hustle if you use a stone.

  • Take a piece of stone and hold it tight. Then rasp the edges of the stone slowly on the surface of the stone. Use the edge of the stone and rub it both sides. You can get sharp edges within a few moments.

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