A simple Guide On How To Select Quality Kitchen Knives

In the market, all kitchen knives do not have the same quality.

We can see that some fashionable knives are selling poor quality knives at a high price.

But we can easily find good quality knives at a low price.

Before buying quality kitchen knives you need to follow some steps. Here I will share those steps you should follow while buying a knife.

We use knives in our daily life while cooking. That is why we need to invest money after knives wisely. We have to select a knife that has durability, strength, good handling, and endurance is a must. Now let’s see some steps that you should follow when you go shopping for buying a knife.

Kitchen Knives

How To Select Quality Kitchen Knives

Step1. Before purchasing a knife at first you have to decide what kind of knife you need for your kitchen. Because in the market you can find different kinds of knives, and they have different types of shapes and sizes. Here is a list of knives and their uses.

  • Utility knife (13 / 5 inches): You can use this knife in all-purpose, usually used for a range of foods, often a choice for the first knife as it can do many things.
  • A chef knife 7.2 / 9 inches: Generally it is used for chopping, dicing, mincing, and cutting.
  • A paring knife 3 / 4 inches: This knife is used for cutting vegetables, pilling, and trimming small foods that you can hold in your hand such as potato, onion, garlic, etc.
  • Bread knife: This knife is used for cutting bread, tomato, cake, and fruit.
  • A cleaver: This one is for chopping meats, also a smaller version of chopping herbs, etc.
  • A filleting knife, used for fillet fish. Buy only if you need to fillet fish.
  • A carving knife, usually used for getting thin, however even slices of meat from roasts, full roasted poultry, etc.
  • Sharping steel, knife honing stone, or electric honor

You can find this all kinds of knives as a set. That will help you to find all kinds of knives in one place. But it will be cheaper if you buy it individually. If you are not satisfied with your first brand of knives then you should change the brand the second time you go for buying a knife.

How To Select Quality Kitchen Knives

Step2. While buying knives hold each knife in your hand. You must check the grip of the tool if you are going to use it. The grip should be comfortable in your hand. Remember that it can be uncomfortable which is comfortable in someone else hand. That is why find a knife that is comfortable in your hand.

Step3. Look how much steel is there in your knife. Also, make sure that joint points are strong. Most of the knives do not last long because their joint point is not strong enough. The best knives are made from a single piece of steel, hand-forged, on the other hand, cheap knives are are thin and the handle does not have a good grip, also covered thickly with plastic.

How To Select Quality Kitchen Knives

Step4. Feel the weight of the knife before purchasing it. A lightweight chopper is good for chopping speedily and also good for precision. A heavy knife is required far more work in using it for chopping a lot of light ingredients. For chopping heavy items such as ginger, nuts, and palm sugar, heavy knives are ideal.

Step5. Check the balance of the knife. A good knife does not have too much weight either in the handle or in the blade. To examine the balance of a knife place your finger at the finger grip at the hilt or blade-end of the handle, holding the knife horizontally with the cutting edge down. If the knife is well-balanced then it will not fall off your finger. Be careful while testing your knife. You should check the balance because a well-balanced knife allows you to cut your foods smoothly and comfortably.

How To Select Quality Kitchen Knives

Step6. Look at the hilt of the knife. Your knife should be solid easy to clean and well joined.  It is a solid part of the knife as it is like a conduit where the strain of pressing on the handle travels through into the blade. If it is thin and not covered with plastic then it is a good sign.

Step7. Make sure which material is used to make that knife. The handle could be made of wood, plastic, toughened resins, and other strong material. That strong material gives a comfortable grip and also makes them last longer.

Step8. Consider the blade itself and what it is made of. Non-stainless steel is best for a knife’s blade, it gives a good edge fairly quickly, but care should be taken so they will not rust. Besides these carbon steel knives are very easy to sharpen. Stainless steel is maybe cheap than the others but it often tends to go blunt quickly and takes a very long time to sharp again. Forged blades are also a strong one. It is better than stapped ones. But if you are looking for cheap knives then stainless steel would be better for you. But remember that, you always have to keep your blade clean to keep it sharp as well as to make it last longer.

How To Select Quality Kitchen Knives

Focus For More Quality Not Brand

Most people always prefer brand first, maybe you might get the best qualities of knives in higher brands but you can find good qualities at lower prices which will save your money. That is why my suggestion is you should focus on quality, not the brand.

Wrapping Up

So, these are my suggestions for selecting quality kitchen knives. Whenever you are buying a new knife for your kitchen, keep these things in your mind and you will find the best one for you. I hope this will help you.

Happy Cooking!!

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