The Best And Easy Way To Reheat Turkey

Apart from the thanksgiving program once a year, turkey is always a regular course on a weekend party or family dinner. We all have an utmost taste for turkey.

This BBQ bold food centers the happy time of a family dinner. Although the size of turkey outdoes our hunger almost every time and fills our tummy completely which leads to a turkey leftover. And we of course hate that.

Sometimes we try to reheat the residues of that turkey but every time it tastes so dull that the turkey might be feeling sorry for us. And we promise not to reheat the turkey again but loved leftover of turkey make us to break the promise.

So I am here to help all of you turkey lovers with your leftovers.I am going to give the profound and proven way to reheat the turkey and bring back the taste again like before.

After that you don’t have to worry about the leftover turkey again. This easy process of reheating turkey won’t trouble you much for sure. So here the procedures:

It needs

  1. Leftover turkey
  2. Refrigerator
  3. Oven
  4. Aluminum foil paper
  5. Lettuce (optional)
  6. Meat thermometer (optional)

Here our procedure is based on oven heating. For better reheating oven is needed. Meat thermometer is for getting the exact temperature of meat which will very easy to understand state of meat. You can follow the procedures without having it though by guessing the temperature by yourself.

The prerequisites of reheating the turkey

We all do the ultimate mistake not in reheating the turkey but refrigerating the turkey. Improper way of keeping the turkey makes it hard to reheat and to gain the fresh cooked like taste. So you have to be cautious when keeping the turkey in the fridge. And you must follow the given procedures.

  1. You should put the turkey in the refrigerator lately.You usually keep the turkey in the kitchen for whole day or night and refrigerate it later but Keeping the cold turkey in normal temperature for more than 1 hour eases the way to get affected by the bacteria which is not very good for reheating the turkey.
  2. Youmust not refrigerate the turkey for couple of days. You should reheat it as soon as possible
  3. You have to cover the turkey before putting it into the refrigerator. You can put some lettuce leaves (if possible) which won’t let it dry.
  4. Ensure that you have enough freezer safe containers
  5. It will be better to cut the turkey in different pieces and then putting into the fridge rather than storing the whole turkey into it. It will be easy to reheat and of course will take less space.
  6. The temperature of the refrigerator must be normal because keeping the turkey in very cold boxes will lose the taste of the turkey.

I have instructed for refrigerating the turkey deeply because it affects badly in most cases. We don’t care about to fridge but improper way of freezing makes the turkey very hard and tough to regain its real taste.

The procedures to reheat the turkey

  1. First of all bring out the turkey and put it in room temperature for minimum 40 minutes. Heating directly from refrigerator will result a very bad turkey at the end. Measure the temperature of meat with meat thermometer for better result. So that you don’t have to depend on your guessing.
  2. Then it’s time to preheat the oven. It would be clever to preheat the oven while you put the turkey in room temperature to make it normal. The temperature should be 3500F for best reheating. Keep that for 5 minutes.
  3. Now cover up the turkey’s pieces with aluminum foil paper properly and insert the turkey into the oven. The temperature will be the same as the time of preheating.
  4. Heat the turkey for 20 minutes. It may differ sometimes. So you should check it regularly. It can’t be cold which will taste dull and can’t be too hot which will taste dry. But usually it takes 20 minutes to reheat the turkey.
  5. When it’s done, remove the foil paper properly.
  6. You can broil the turkey after removing the foil paper for make the turkey crispy.

Here you have your turkey back. I assure you it’s really great to have tasty pieces of turkey and without cooking it again. With this process you can have your turkey couple of times and in couple of ways.

Whether in the sandwich with some fresh breads and tomatoes or in any heavy homemade burger to make the best use of your turkey. And of course there is absolute way in how we eat the turkey.

But you should keep that in mind that it’s not a very good idea to reheat the turkey more than once because it will taste worst I tell you.

So after the weekend party when you are alone with your leftover turkey, don’t hesitate to use the leftovers again for a quality food time with the tasty and delicious reheated turkey.

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  1. The tips in this article would be a huge help as to what it the right procedure in reheating the turkey.


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