The Best And Easy Way To Reheat Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is kind of food that requires no good time to eat. From morning to midnight, it’s always perfect to have crispy and juicy fried chicken. And we always keep fried chicken on top of our list of quick fast foods. But having fried chicken anytime is not easy as pie.

Whether you have to order from fast food shops or with your great effort and enthusiasm you can prepare it at your home by your own.

But as fried chicken is meant to be eaten hot, you can’t make a good amount of fried chicken at a time because after your tummy gets satisfied you cannot but waste the leftover of fried chicken which leads to a state of regret feeling later ‘whoosh! I could get those residues right now’.

As we know reheating the fried chicken makes it bad to taste and dull to eat.

Here’s the good news! What if you get the fried chicken like you’ve made it some moments ago by reheating? Will it be great right?

So to make your tummy and mind happy I will show you the best and easy way to reheat fried chicken like freshly made chicken. Here we go with the procedures given below:


For the people with Oven:

Don’t put fridge- cold meat into oven

Usually, the leftovers’ ultimate place is in the refrigerator. Bringing out those fried chicken and putting in the oven is a very bad idea because it will make the fried chicken rubbery and bit of tasteless. For getting rid of that situation you must not put the fridge-cold fried chicken into the oven.

You should keep the meat at room temperature for maximum30 minutes for turning the temperature normal.

Cover the fried chicken with foil paper

After 30 minutes, cover the whole amount of chicken with foil paper properly. It is very important to make the chicken crispy. Foil paper works to remove moisture from musty chicken without getting it burnt.

Now put the covered chicken into oven

Bake the chicken for 20 minutes and make sure the temperature of the oven is 4000c. Don’t heat it for a long time and at a higher temperature because it will make the chicken dried which of course is not a very good thing to taste.

And that’s it. Once your leftover fried chicken is now the satisfier of your tummy. With this easy way, you can reheat your fried chicken and enjoy every bite of it.

For the people without oven:

There is another way to reheat the fried chicken. It will be useful for the people whose oven is not working right or people who don’t have a microwave oven.

Here you have to follow the same thing regarding fridge-cold meat. So this thing is compulsory for both ways.

After that you will follow the given procedures:

Use a heavy bottom skillet of cast iron:

To fry the chicken you should use a cast iron skillet with a heavy bottom which will not burn the chicken rather it will help to heat the chicken properly as it reserves the heat better.

Use neutral- taste oil for frying the chicken:

For frying the chicken you should use a little bit of neutral-taste oil which takes a long time to reach the high smoke point. Such types of oil are peanut or canola oil which will make the chicken juicy.

Cover the pan while frying the chicken:

You must cover the pan with foil paper if possible or use any lid to cover the fried chicken.

Fry the chicken for 20 minutes:

Now fry the chicken at normal heat for 20 minutes and then drain fried chicken on wire rack. Then put the chicken on a baking sheet to soak the oil.

Well, that’s all I can do for you to have your amazing fried chicken enjoyment and that’s all you need to know about reheating the fried chicken when you need to do it under any circumstances.

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