The Best Way To Reheat Brisket

I believe if you are reading this article that means you don’t eat to live but you live to eat. Because only food addicted persons can be interested in finding the way to reheat brisket that might be leftover from the previous day.

And I don’t think there is any necessary to describe the importance of the brisket as one of the most favorite meat item of us.

Being a brisket lover I really understand how irritating to have leftovers of brisket and the worse thing is not to be able to reuse it.

Today I am going to help you to find the best way to reheat your leftover brisket and enjoy it like you enjoy the fresh well-cooked brisket every time.


  • It starts with the storing of leftover brisket

The most important thing you must consider is how you store your leftover for further serving. It is very crucial because if the brisket is not stored properly there will be no chance that you will get a perfect brisket you love to eat always.

If the brisket gets over frozen it will be hard and probably lose the moist flavor over it. Besides, if it is in a warm atmosphere it will get rotten. And therefore you will not be able to reheat the brisket. So you must be very careful in case of storing the brisket on your refrigerator or freezer.

Don’t worry. I will tell you both the ways whether you are using a freezer or refrigerator for storing the leftover of your beloved brisket.

For refrigerator:

Before putting the brisket on the refrigerator you must wrap the brisket with Ziploc bag finely that nothing gets into the brisket. Remember you must cover the brisket with a Ziploc bag or stuff like that. Otherwise, it will get dried much and you will not get the juicy taste from the brisket.

Duration: If you are planning to store the brisket for 2-3 days and reheat it taking from that then the best option is of course refrigerator. The reason behind is between these days it is better to keep the brisket in a normal cold atmosphere and it won’t be any problem if you do that.


For freezer:

If you are planning to store the leftover for more than 3 days then you must not refrigerate the brisket. You have to freeze it. Otherwise, there is a possibility to get rotten.

The instruction is the same for the freezer. The best way is to use a Ziploc bag and keep the brisket finely. If you see that the cooked fat looks normal and color is the same as the color of brisket then you should not worry anymore.

One thing you must remember that you have to put the brisket back to the refrigerator from the freezer at least 1 day before reheating it because it will get normal and you won’t find any difficulties to reheat the brisket.

Besides reheating the frozen brisket will make it tasteless and it will taste very dry and you won’t find any moisture on the brisket.



  • Before reheating the brisket

I assume that you have understood the storing procedure of brisket for a better and efficient way to reheat this.

Now I am going to describe some important things before you put the brisket into the oven or microwave to reheat the brisket.

  1. First, bring out the brisket and keep it at room temperature for at least 1 hour. You should check whether the fat of it gets liquid again. If that happens then you can be sure that it is done. Technically the internal temperature must be above 140 degrees Fahrenheit. So you understand it is really very important to warm enough the brisket.
  1. Now put it into a disposable aluminum tray and make sure the tray is big enough to contain it properly. Don’t choose anything that doesn’t cover the full brisket. If you do that the extra part will get burnt and might ruin the taste of the dish.
  1. This is the time to use the brisket juice that you will get from the packet where you put the brisket. Take a little amount of juice from that and drizzle that all over the brisket. Remember this is very important. It will prohibit the brisket to get dried and you will get the moist taste from it like a freshly cooked one.
  1. Now cover the brisket with aluminum foil paper properly. If it is not covered well then you will see that it will get overcooked. So be careful while using the foil paper.
  • Finally, The Time to Reheat The Brisket

Well, we often use both microwave and oven for cooking. Though it seems the same to many people but in reality, both appliances are not the same in case of operating. Oven is for those who want to reheat a big amount of brisket. This way is used by the professionals.

But if you have a little amount of brisket leftover then the microwave is the best option. I think microwaves will be easier to operate. So I suggest you to use the microwave if you have both options available in your kitchen.

For oven:

The first thing you have to do is to preheat the oven. The preferred temperature is 320- 330 degrees Fahrenheit. When you are done with preheating, put the tray into the oven. And keep the tray for 4-5 minutes.

Then bring out the brisket and slice it if the portion is not sliced. Make sure to use the best slicing knife for cutting the slices of brisket like professionals

For microwave:

The procedure is almost the same for the microwave. You just need to keep the temperature around 300 degrees Fahrenheit. One more thing, don’t preheat the microwave for a long time. And the duration is 5 minutes for good reheating.



Wrapping Up

So, that’s it. This is the way to reheat your brisket that could have been thrown away. But you are going to enjoy the brisket again like you enjoy the fresh one. Don’t forget to thank me after you try this way.

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