When it comes to prep a chicken, everybody usually go for the trusted chef’s knife or maybe boning knife. I was also gone to this for a long time. But now there is a better tool for several jobs to do involving chicken, and it is kitchen shears.

So let’s learn how to use a kitchen shears to prep chicken.

1. Deboning Chicken Thighs:

The easiest way to debone chicken thighs is with two pairs of kitchen shares. They are sharp and sturdy to cut through the meat, cartilage and fat around the bone. A secret to reduce the cook time is removing the bone. So this is a very flavorful cut.


How to remove bones from chicken thigh using Kitchen Shears


You can easily complete the task of deboning a chicken with the help of a pair of kitchen shears. It will take less time than using chef’s knife that means you can prepare your dinner even faster.

Now let’s read  how you use kitchen shears for deboning a chicken.



  1. Kitchen shears
  2. Cutting board


  1. Flip a chicken thigh like its skin side is down
  2. Cut through the meet along both side of the center bone using kitchen shears. Don’t cut all the way through the meat and skin.
  3. Then cut the cartilage from the top and bottom of the bone and cut underneath the bone, it will separate the bone off from the thigh.
  4. If there is any extra fat, skin or cartilage, trim those with the shears.



2. Sectioning Chicken Wings:

The chicken wings are made of three parts, the tip, wingette and drumette. The whole wings are not shaped and not sit flat on the surface. That’s why maximum recipe call for breaking them into these three pieces first. So to cut through the skin, meat and cartilage kitchen shears are best option as they are strong, sharp and sturdy.


3. Removing Unwanted Chicken Skin and trimming fat:

Crispy chicken skin is amazing but sometimes we need skinless chicken breasts or thighs for recipe. Kitchen share makes it easy to remove unwanted skin and trim any flat for chicken pieces.


4. Spatchcocking a Chicken:

To butterfly a whole chicken, kitchen shears are the best option. The shears cut through the rib cage and around the backbone easily. They are also safe for using on slippery chicken than chef’s knife.


How to spatchcock a chicken with a kitchen shears


There is a technique called spatchcocking a chicken and instead of round chicken you get a flattened chicken which cooks faster, easier and much more evenly and you can spatchcock any bird like a turkey, quail you name it. So now let’s learn the procedure.


  1. Kitchen shears
  2. Cutting board


Most people spatchcock by taking out the backbone completely but this is actually much better way.

  1. Take your kitchen shears and go right between the breastbone and leg cut through the skin and open it up.
  2. Cut the ribs all the way to the wing joint.
  3. Then open it up as you cut and you get all the way to the joint of where the little drumette is there and do the exactly same thing on the other side.
  4. Then open it up there all the bones now turn it over like the bone side is down. Now you will see the chicken is flat.


This is a great technique for cutting chicken when you want to grill it because what happens is that you have all the meat on one side and all the bones on the other side and it won’t fall apart on the grill, it will stay together beautifully and it’s easy to move.



5. Cutting a whole chicken into pieces:

You can take spatchcocking one step further by cutting a whole chicken into pieces. For cutting through everything from the meat and skin to the joints and cartilage, a good pair of shears is the better choice as they are sharp and sturdy. You can do this using the same basic method for cutting up a chicken with a knife, only substituting a kitchen shears.


How to cut up a chicken into pieces with kitchen shears  

Kitchen shears make cutting up a chicken easy and safe to do. You can use poultry kitchen shears for doing it more comfortably.


  1. The first thing you have to do is cut on either side of the backbone. This is what commonly called butterflying a chicken.
  2. Cut through the breastbone. Now you have two sides of the chicken. Now separate the dark meat from the light meat. It’s got a natural cut line so that’s what you are going to follow right through
  3. Now go through the thigh and the leg. This is a little bit tricky. You want to make sure where that bend is.
  4. Now separate the breast from the wing.


Now you have four pieces of the chicken from one side, you will do exactly the same thing on the other side of the chicken and your final result will be a chicken cut up in 8 pieces of two wings, two breasts, two drumsticks and two thighs ready for cooking.



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