How Do You Get Juice From Ginger?


Ginger has been used as a natural refreshment and digestive solution for generations from the old time. Have you ever tasted some? You may have taken it very often in food, but have you ever tasted its juice? It May sound a little bit weird, but people love to drink it and use it for several physical issues!

Curious already? Thinking about having a taste but don’t know, How do you get juice from ginger? No need to worry about it. We have got you back. Here we are going to show you all the processes step by step and their useful usage as well.

How Do You Get Juice From Ginger?

Many different processes are available to get the ginger juice. Some of them are pretty easy to do. However, most alternative ways require more challenging rider effort. Either way, they are all available options for you to try.

Depending on the cost, this process may vary as well. Well, let’s have a look at them. In our guide, we’ve tried to gather a detailed procedure for your preference.

However, two general ways are being practiced. A juicer for ginger will be the best available process. Another one is using a blender. There is another manual handmade system, as well.


Using a Juicer is the easiest way to get the juice. A bit of an effortless way, but you have to spend on it. You have to get a good juicer to do, so that will cost you some bucks. If you afford the juicer, then follow the guidelines.

  • Peel your ginger
  • Slice the ginger into suitable pieces that suit the juicer size
  • Put them into the machine
  • Follow any juicer recommended guideline
  • Collect the juice and pulp into a different jar

If you wish to use a juicer, you need to follow these steps. As the machine will do the job itself, you don’t need to put in any extra effort.


Blender is pretty similar but it will not have the same result as a juicer. You will not get clean and pure juice out of it. The pulp will be mixed within the liquid and a filter can be used to collect the juice. If you have realized that much then get into the procedure.

  • Clean the ginger
  • Cut into small pieces that are not thick more than 1 inch
  • Mix them with an appropriate amount of water
  • Put them together in the blender
  • You will get the pulp and juice mixer after it is done
  • Collect the mixture
  • Use a suitable filter like a thin clot, sieve, cheesecloth, or anything else
  • Squeeze as hard as possible to get the most juice out of the mixture
  • Continue the process until dry pulp remains

In this process, there will be some juice lost because of the manual process. If you want to get the best result then a juicer will still be the first choice. So, you can use a blender if you’re happy with the result. The thing is you should have all the equipment to complete the process. Follow the steps to get a smooth result.


If you don’t have any juicer or blender but are still thinking about, How do you get juice from ginger? In that case, it is the most suitable option for you. It is the most manual system and precisely handmade is the old system where a physical effort is needed. Not to mention that your handy accuracy will be the best thing to get a good amount of juice. It is the last process if you can’t afford any juicer or blender machine. Let’s follow the process.

  • Peel the gingers
  • Slice them as thin as possible
  • Drip them into the water for some time
  • Mix them smoothly
  • Put them into a bowl-like hard container
  • Use a heavy holder to break and stomp on them
  • Continue to do so until the becomes liquid and mix with the water
  • Complete the mixture
  • Use a thin cloth or anything else as a filter
  • Squeeze as hard as possible from different direction and position
  • Collect the juice into a cup
  • Continue the process until the dry pulp left behind

This handy homemade process needs a lot of physical effort. The juice production rate is also lower than both juicers or blenders. If the produced juice amount is enough for you then nothing to worry about. You can choose this alternative process anytime you want.

What is the Use of Ginger Juice?

This is something you may want to know along with the process. There are so many beneficial usages of it. Maybe you don’t know how useful it is. It does not only help with many diseases but also helps to cover up many physical problems.

It reduces nausea. It also helps to reduce any problem with antioxidants. Besides, it greatly improves your digestive system and prevents several digestive problems throughout the way. It also helps to control your overall body pressure.

Besides directly helping physical issues, it is also a great flavor that increases the richness of your food. It mixes more smoothly and brings super-rich flavor into the food. The liquid is also pretty easy to store and use. So, overall it comes with so many facilities you may look for.


There are several processes available. Some of them will cost you some bucks and some of them much lower with more effort. You have to choose accordingly anyway. So, instead of worrying about them, let’s get to the point and learn for yourself.

Listening to all those benefits, what do you think? Do you badly need some ginger juices? Have you got the answer on, How do you get juice from ginger? Well, you should not worry about any of these. Have a look at our review. We have described all the ideas you have to know. Follow them and you will get your favorite ginger juice without any delay.

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