How Long Can Cream Cheese Sit Out

I was having a great time, it was a sunny day hot toasts was served with cream cheese, plenty of them was left over for latter. I fall asleep somehow, but I woke up after like 3 or more hours. I then finish the leftover food and that was my mistake.

I had a bad stomach that day and latter on I learned why? There are different kinds of cheese like mozzarella cheese, ricotta cheese, cottage cheese, goat cheese, cheddar, gouda, edam, swiss, etc. Amongst them, one of the most common and popular cheese is cream cheese.

Even right now you might have cream cheese in your refrigerator. You might have completed your breakfast with cream cheese on your bread. The smooth taste of cream cheese makes it more interesting. You will get a mild taste while eating cream cheese.

It is very soft and creamy in texture. The satisfying taste of cream cheese comes from cream or milk or the combination of cream and milk both. Lactic acid is needed for making a particular cheese. You can find mesophilic starter culture in the near store which will allow you to create such amazing cheese.

All you have to do is to put that mesophilic starter culture in your milk or cream and put it in to rest for 24 hours. After that, you have to drain out the whey from the cheese and you will have your desired cream cheese.

The year 2016 was a crucial year because 19.1 tonnes of cheese were sold that year globally. IMARC group provided news that in 2019 the global sales of cheese will get an earning of US$ 140 billion. So, how long can cream cheese sit out? This is the question of where we are going to discuss.



How Long It Takes For Cream Cheese To Get Spoiled:

Cream cheese has a great taste and flavor, but how long it takes to get spoiled. Normal room temperature has a very motivational atmosphere for growing bacteria. The best way to keep the cheese safe and eatable for some other time is to keep it in the refrigerator.

The maximum time you can put it outside of the refrigerator is nearly 2 hours. Yes, it has a sensitive lifetime. After 2 hours at the normal temperature, it starts to grow bacteria like E.coli which can be deadly in some cases.

Scientists have said that 40-degree Fahrenheit to 140-degree Fahrenheit is a very ideal temperature for bacteria like E.coli to grow. E. coli can be deadly bacteria that can cause cholangitis, diarrhea, urinary infection, abdominal pain, etc. They can be found in our warm-blooded body organism like the intestine.

As we can see it would not be wise to eat cheese after two hours at a normal temperature. If your refrigerator is not working or the electricity fails to supply power it can stay static for like 4 hours maximum after that it will lose its healthier side.

That’s why they say; pay your bills in time otherwise, cheese might get E.coli sometime. Do not believe everything you hear, some misconceptions are out there that cheese will get a perfect taste it just has to leave over one night.

Not every food required to be left for 12 or 24 hours, some of them take nearly 2 hours to get spoiled.



What are some indicators of cream cheese getting spoiled:

Cheese also contains lactic acid, consuming cheese after the safe time period is not a smart task to commit. If you are buying cream cheese from stores you have to inspect its packaging, if there is a hole or something disturbing you should not buy that cream cheese.

The smell is a very crucial factor for food. If the cream cheese smells bad or sourer than that cheese is no more counted as healthy food. It is obvious that the taste of a rotten cheese or an expired cheese would not be so pleasant. So, you can also tell that by tasting that cheese that if it is in good shape or not.

The expired cheese will also not look as fresh as before. It may lose its normal color and form a rotten color. Those are the signs when one has to stay away and order a fresh cream cheese from the store. Even in a freezing situation, you can use cream cheese until the 10th day.

After that, it is not secure to consume that. If the package is still sealed and it is preserved in below 40-degree temperature it can be hopefully be preserved for 30 days, this part of the information was certified by Philadelphia cream cheese.

For normal condition room temperature as mentioned before nearly 2 hours approximately would be enough to spoil the cheese.

How to prevent it from getting spoiled:

So, that settles that how long can cream cheese sit out, but what to do to preserve cream cheese? If you make it or buy it doesn’t matter the only perfect way to preserve it for a sort of time is to freeze it. A refrigerator will do that job for you.

For better results, a sealed package can be used. Airtight packaging system would not allow air to pass in, which would keep the food fresh. During the preservation process keep the cheese away from direct touch with any other foods like meat. Even our body continuously leaving dead cells.

That’s why we should not put our hands in every food that can spoil the food. That means keep your cheese away from direct hand touch if you are looking forward to preserving it for a longer period.

Keep the cheese below 40 degrees Fahrenheit temperature that won’t allow the bacteria to grow in the cheese. A container can be used as well the container is a sealed object which can handle the cheese quite well. Just have to make sure that air is not passing through that.

Aluminum foil papers are pretty useful in preserving food and to keep it safe from any harm. Mostly it is used to keep the warmth of the food for a longer period of time.



Cheese economic aspect in the world:

All this hard work just to keep the cream cheese safe. The delicious cream cheese is eaten worldwide. It is one of the common elements in nearly every country’s cuisine.

With this cheese, you can make some famous foods like pumpkin cheesecake, quiche, savory cheese-filled, creamy kimchi dip, gluten-free carrot cake, black bottom brownies, etc. According to historians, the cream cheese was first mentioned in 1583, in England. Latter in 1651 it was found in France also.

So, according to history, England has brought this fantastic food to the world, well they deserve creamy cheesy thanks.

Cream cheese nutrition’s facts:

100 grams of cream cheese contains total fat of 34 milligrams, potassium 138 milligrams, carbohydrates 4.1 grams, vitamin A 26%, Iron 2%, magnesium 2%, calcium 9%, cobalamin 5%, vitamin D 6%, etc.

As we can see it has calories of 403, cholesterol 110 milligrams. Increasing cholesterol is a threat to the human body and cheese is a very popular way to have calories and cholesterol.



Side effects of having cheese:

Cream cheese has lactose like any other milk or cream oriented foods. Lactose is, of course, a necessary element for our health this is nothing bad for health, but some people are unable to digest lactose. In that kind of scenario, lactose can create illness.

That stage is called lactose intolerance. There are more symptoms like gas, bloating, diarrhea. People with this kind of issue should not eat too many dairy products like cheese. Cheese is considered as a fatty food. That means it can cause obesity.

Obesity is the current most alarming threat to the human race. We are getting fat because of our food habits. Obesity can cause thousands of diseases and weaknesses. Obesity shortens human life. So, cream cheese or any cheese has to be consumed with care.


So, at last, what we found that cream cheese can be preserved outside in normal temperature but that is only for nearly 2 hours, the best way is to seal up the cheese packet and put it in the refrigerator, that way it would be in a static position for nearly 30 days.

If it is not packaged and you want to preserve it for a short span of time than it will be okay for 10 days nearly. This food is very allergic to bacteria. E.coli loves growing themselves on cheese or dairy products. So, the food has a very short life span and has to treat with care.

To preserve that container, sealed package, refrigerator, are the key options to go for and cheese is fatty food so it has to be consumed with care. All the other substitutes of cream cheese nearly follow almost these rules.

With great taste and aroma, cream cheese will always entertain us as one of the best meals in the whole world.

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