A Guide To Healthy Diet (Infographic)

For living a healthy life, one must need to follow a healthy diet. We all know that health is wealth. No matter what you have gained or achieved in your life, if you don’t have good health you will not feel happy in your life. And to have good health you need healthy eating.

Here I will give you a guideline to make a proper healthy diet for you.


Needs of the human body for a healthy diet

Firstly you should know which type of food is essential for our body. Check below.

Vegetables: Vegetables are a great source of vitamins and minerals. For healthy eating, one must eat vegetables regularly.

Fruits: When we talk about a healthy diet, we always prefer to take fewer carbohydrates and sugar. To fill the lacking of glucose and minerals fruits are really necessary. Besides that, this is also a great source of vitamin.

Whole grains: This is a good source of fiber and other vitamins. Also, it reduces the risk of some chronic diseases.

Dairy: Milk is an ideal food for humans. Low fat (1%) or fat-free dairy should be taken regularly.

Protein: For bones, muscles, skin, and blood we need protein. But obviously, you should have the type of protein that is healthy. Like eggs, fishes, sea fishes are a good source of healthy protein. And most importantly fish oil and yolk are good fat for your body.

Oils: This is a major source of MUFAS and PUFAS in the diet. These contain essential fatty acids for our bodies.

These 6 things are essential for our body. So for making a healthy diet you must put those.

You can make a chart keeping all these in every meal. For example, you can make quiche for breakfast which is a healthy meal for breakfast.

Healthy Diet Infographic

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