Do You Know About Freezing Potato Salad

When you have made potato salad and many of these remain as a leftover it surely comes in your mind that “can you freeze potato salad?” Well if you don’t have any idea of preserving these types of foods then it’s normal to ask this question. The potato salad and the life of its shelf are very short.

That’s why you need to know to preserve potato salad. You can keep it eatable in the fridge for nearly a week, but when you freeze it in the freezer you can use this for a long period of time.

Freezing is not very difficult to do but you also need to know the process of thawing it. Let me know you how to do all these things.


Can you freeze potato salad?

So the answer you already know. Yes, you can. If you do the packaging of the salad properly and then sealed it, you can keep it for a long time. If you have a fridge and it has a freezer, you can easily preserve the salad. If you have a separate freezer it will help more to keep your food for a longer period.



How to freeze potato salad?

You have to follow some steps to freeze or store potato salad. If you want to make a good amount of them make it separate into two parts. One part is for serving and another is for preserving which should be untouched. It will help to not degrading the food easily.

At first, get some plastic bags or container which must have to be stiff and airtight. Now separately place the potato salad and divide it. Now put them in a stiff container with a spoon. I prefer a slotted one.

Don’t fill it fully. Leave some space of one or two inches. It is ideal to keep this much space in the container. If you want to use plastic bags then squeeze the air first. Let all the air out before you seal the bag.

Now write down the date of storing with a marker before putting it in the freezer to keep in mind that for how long the salad is in the freezer.

How to freeze the leftovers?   

If you see many of your food remain as leftovers in your kitchen and you just throw them all, it’s not good. So this is very important to store the leftovers if you don’t want to waste food and want to save it. It is a good practice. So how will you do that?

It’s simple. Just remove the leftover relics that are mixed into it. It’s very important to do unless it will easily spoil the food because of the ingredients. After that, the procedure is the same as before. Find a stiff and airtight container and put them in it.

Leave some space as mentioned earlier. Don’t overfill it. Seal it and then put the container in the freezer with the date of the storage.



Thawing Potato Salad

It is very important to know how to thaw the potato salad. Let me help you with this.

At first, you need to know that you cannot take out the frozen salad from the freezer to an open place. You have to keep it on the refrigerator and set the temperature to 40 degrees F. Never thaw it at room temperature or in any microwave oven. It can lead a rapid bacterial growth.

This is vital for those foods which have dairy, eggs, or mayonnaise as its primary ingredients.

Another thing I prefer that it is best to eat the potato salad when it’s chilled. You do not have to take the trouble to reheat the salad. It is completely unnecessary.


Things You Should Look Out for

You need to keep in mind that potatoes do not freeze well. And also the moisture affects the freezing process. It makes the potato wet and soft and sometimes mealy and the potato will not last long. That’s why some people don’t store potato salad.

The cooked eggs are not even ideal for freezing and also combining it with other dairy ingredients doesn’t bring positive outcomes. So you can tell the freezing of potato salad will fully work. For one, it has already been identified by The National Center for Food Preservation.

They said the ingredients used on the potato salads these ingredients don’t freeze properly.  Mayonnaise is also one of the major reasons for a potato salad to be spoiled easily.



Is it healthy?

Food experts and chefs do not prefer to store or freeze potato salad. They say the ingredients which are used in cooking this food deteriorate easily. But you still can do this by freezing and packing it properly.

If freezing fail you have to throw the potato salad because it is spoiled then and spoiled or rotten food contains bacteria that are harmful to the body. That’s why experts recommend not freezing them.

At last, I will say saving or storing food is important because it saves you money. However, when it comes to preserving potato salads, there are so many considerations that must be pondered upon.

If you want to prevent leftovers of potato salads, I think the best way is to make them and weigh the amount that you needed.

You also can count the number of people that will eat it and you will understand the measurement so that there will be no leftovers. But there are times when making a lot of potato salads is needed for an upcoming party or event. At that time storing them tightly and properly is a necessity.

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