Can You Use Regular Flour In Bread Machine?

The type of flour used in a bread machine matters a lot for it can determine the outcome of your bread.

When using even the smallest bread maker, it is the flour used that determines the texture of your bread. Can you use regular flour in bread machine? Of all the flour available, regular flour, also known as all-purpose flour is the one that is highly recommended when making bread. This means it will suit your bread machine perfectly.

By using the wrong flour, you destroy the texture of your bread, which should not be the case. However, in most cases, there is no limitation to the type of flour used whenever you are using a bread machine. What should factor in is the level of protein contained in the flour you are using.

Can you use regular flour in bread machine?

The question “can you use regular flour in a bread machine?” keeps on coming up when using a bread machine. The truth is, you can use regular flour or any other flour as long as it has protein.

You may wonder why that is so. Because the flour has a high protein level, additional gluten will be released. Gluten plays a primary role in baking top-notch quality bread; that is why you have to use flour having a high protein level.

When gluten combines with water brings the dough to rise, giving room for airy bread. Bread flour is the most ideal because it is the only flour with a high level of protein of up to 14%. It would be best if you used bread flour instead of regular flour for the best results. However, if your choice is regular flour, ensure you use more of it to increase protein levels.

Which is the best flour for use in a bread machine?

Regular flour is most preferred by many people when using a bread machine. However, it is not the ideal flour for use regardless that a large number of people make it their number one choice. In the world of baking, two types of flour work best when using a bread machine.

1. Bread flour – This is the flour that is highly recommended by professionals to people who want to make perfect bread. The primary for this choice being that bread flour comes with enough amounts of proteins that regular flour doesn’t have. Therefore, when making bread with a bread machine, your number one flour choice should be bread flour from now henceforth.

Bread flour contains a high amount of protein which translates to a high level of gluten. With bread flour, you will end up creating the best dough for baking your bread. When using this flour in a bread machine, the outcome will be well-risen bread remarkable to your eyes.

2. Gluten-free flour – Of late everyone is keen on what they consume, making some people avoid gluten due to health issues. What this means is bread flour will not work out best because it comes with high amounts of gluten which you are trying to avoid.

Make use of gluten-free flour in your bread machine which will keep you off gluten but enable you to produce a perfectly risen dough. It is the ingredients contained in gluten-free flour that make your bread rise just like when using bread flour. You don’t have to worry, thinking that now that you are not using bread flour will make you not bake that perfect loaf.

Tips for making bread in a bread machine

Bread machines were invented to make your life easier by allowing you to bake the best bread at home. In the past, many people were not keen on making bread because of the tedious process of doing everything manually.

Investing in a bread machine works excellently in minimizing costs or purchasing bread, and it is also labor-saving.

When using a bread machine, you need to put in use the following tips for perfect results;

  • When baking using a bread machine for the first time, please keep it simple. Work through every process keenly step by step for best results. Always start with simple recipes before ending up on the complex ones.
  • Be keen when it comes to substitutions while focusing on enhancing the chances of success. Remember that every flour comes with its moisture content meaning each one of them requires special handling.
  • There is no harm in opening the lid when baking and peeking how the process is progressing. It is recommended that you peek every 10 minutes to ensure that you don’t get surprised by the results. Observing the consistency of your dough from one stage to the other is imperative to produce good results.
  • Using a bread machine calls for investing in excellent baking accessories. By doing that, every process when making bread will be smooth, and you will have consistency when baking in all your stages.
  • Your bread machine should always be placed at a warm spot in your kitchen to ensure that your dough rises within the allocated time. A chilly area will prevent this meaning your bread will not be appealing. Inasmuch as a bread machine comes equipped with a heating feature, the room temperature is what will make a difference when it comes to the speed at which the dough will rise.

Final thought

Baking quality bread with your bread machine is not tasking as many people would think. Once you learn the basics of making bread with a bread machine, you will always want to do it again and again. It is a skill that is fun and extremely enjoyable.

Can you use regular flour in a bread machine? Yes, you can, but the recommended one is bread flour. If you are going to use regular flour, you have to exceed the required amount. This is to ensure that high protein levels are produced which means gluten levels will also rise. That is what makes your dough come out perfectly.

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