Different Types of Knives And Their Uses- Know All The Variations

Knives are the most essential tool you need in your kitchen. No matter how good you are at cooking, an expert or world-class chef or apprentice in the kitchen, you must need to have the right tools to do the right things to make your dish special. That’s why you need a proper knife set to be the chef that you want to be. Visit Knifeandsteelco for some amazing kitchen knives.

When you see a knife block, you must need to know which one you will use for which purpose. If you use a bread knife instead of the chef’s knife for slicing onion then it won’t be the proper way. So here I will give a review of different types of knives and their uses which might help you to choose the right tool.

History of Knives

In the past, people didn’t have varieties of knives like today. In the ancient era,  man used to make knives by using bones of animals and rocks. They used to cut their food and vegetables with those knives. The first metal knives were made from copper. People have made the first single edge knife with bronze and it is 4000 years ago. In the evolution of time, people now have many different kinds of knives for their daily chores.

Types Of Knives 

In the shop, you will get different kinds of knives. They all have different purposes and different uses. Now let’s talk about some essential knives and their uses that you must need in your kitchen. Chose the right one for the right purpose. Check out the kitchen knives bellow.

Chef’s Knife 

The first option for choosing a knife you probably have in your mind while you are cooking is the chef’s knife or French knife, you can call it in both names. This knife has a large handle with a thick blade. The blade is usually 7 to 10 inches long and this makes this knife more versatile and efficient. It is the ultimate everyday knife. This is commonly used for slicing, chopping, mincing, etc. Remember that, this knife should be sharpened frequently.

Different Types of Knives And Their Uses


Boning Knife

This knife has a thin and curved blade for cutting and the length of this blade is generally 7 to 10 inches. Though the blade is thin, but this knife can last many days. You can use this knife for basic cutting easily.

The thin blade and curved shape helps to cut anything hassle-free and easier than others. That’s why this knife is very popular with the chefs for cutting boneless chicken and beef meat.

Different Types of Knives And Their Uses


Utility Knife 

The utility knife is popular for its long-lasting quality. The blade of this knife is about 6 to 8 inches long. The shape of the blade is similar to the chef’s knife. But the difference between them is the blade of the utility knife is narrower than the chef’s knife.

Like the chef’s knife, it is also versatile in use. Besides fruits and vegetables, you can cut other basic cutting like carving poultry with this knife.

Different Types of Knives And Their Uses


Paring Knife

Paring knife is very small in size than other knives. This knife is very helpful as it is light in weight and very handy. The blade is usually 2 to 3 inches long. As it is small and lightweight, you can have proper control over this knife.

This short sharp blade is very helpful for trimming and peeling fruits and vegetables.

Besides using it in cooking, people also use this knife for gardening. It helps to clean the weeds of the plants in the garden. Overall, this small piece of tool is very helpful.

Different Types of Knives And Their Uses


Bread Knife

A long rectangular blade serrated with small groves is the main feature of a bread knife. The blade is about 12 inches long. You don’t need to use this knife frequently, but at the time of slicing a baguette, this knife is the best option. The long blade of it helps to cut through the bread easily and the serration helps to cut through the crust without crushing the bread. Other blades are not able to do this without crushing the bread and even smash the flesh. That’s why for slicing bread, there is nothing you can get better than bread knife. This knife also helps to cut thin-skinned fruits.

Different Types of Knives And Their Uses

Fillet Knife

Fish knives are also popular as fillet knives.  This knife is very flexible. The blade is thin so that you can easily remove fillet form any fish to make it boneless.

The blade of this knife is about 8 inches long in length. This knife helps to remove the skin from the fish easily. It also helps to slice the fish in proper shape.

Different Types of Knives And Their Uses



The slicer knife is usually used for slicing meats. It is also known as carving or bbq knife. Some people also call this a prime rib knife.

The blade is about 8 inches long in length. There is a little pocket in the blade which helps to cut beef without tearing the meat. You can slice your protein no matter if you are using beef, turkey, or pork, you can smoothly slice them with a slicer.

For slicing steak or bbq items, this knife is the best option for you.


Different Types of Knives And Their Uses


Tourne Knife

The size of a tourne knife is similar to a pairing knife. The blade is curved and half looks like a half-moon. This knife is helpful for removing the skin from the fatty vegetables. The curve area of this knife usually helps to do this job perfectly.

You can easily peel potatoes, carrots, and other fatty vegetables for the curves of the blade. As it is a small knife it is very easy to handle for new users.

Different Types of Knives And Their Uses


Cleaver knife

Cleaver knife has a heavy rectangular blade and people commonly use it for breaking down hunks of meats. This is a very essential tool. It helps to cleave or break the meats and bones easily without breakage the knife. The heavy blade mainly helps to do this task easily. It can use this to beef, chicken, pork and other meats for cutting through bones and chopping them nicely. This is why people also call it meat cleaver.

If you are using this knife you have to be very careful because if you hit your finger it can easily detach your finger from your hand.

Different Types of Knives And Their Uses


Butter Knife

The blade of this knife is non-serrated. Usually, people use this knife is for cutting butter. The size of the blade is about 5 to 6 inches long. As the blade is not sharp as well as it is rounded, so there is no fear of cutting your hand. This is also a safe knife for the children.

There are two types of butter knives one is an individual butter knife and the second one is a master butter knife.

An individual butter knife is used to serve the butter and spread the butter on the bread and the master butter knife is used for serving butter on an individual plate.

Different Types of Knives And Their Uses


Dessert Knife

There are two types of blade in this knife. The pointed knife and other is the rounded tip. The round one is usually for soft dessert and the pointed tip is used for hard dessert. The blade is narrow and about 8 inches long.

Different Types of Knives And Their Uses

Wrapping Up

So this was all the information about knives that you should know. Basically, these knives are very important to have in the kitchen. If you use the right tool for the right task then the work will be done properly. And it also helps you to complete the task easily. So use tools properly and cook comfortably.

Happy Cooking!!

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