How To Cook Fresh Kielbasa

Things get tougher when we try to cook something unconventional and get stumbles by not getting enough resources that we can learn from. Kielbasa is that kind of food item that is not well known to us in respect of cooking it.

That’s why I have decided today to give you some methods and the way to prepare the kielbasa before cooking. The methods that I will mention will be different depending on the times and ingredients you have.

Though Kielbasa is not so difficult to cook we, unfortunately, are not used to it. That’s why we find it difficult. So no worry from today, just learn and satisfy your taste buds. Let’s dig into the processes:



Things we need:

  1.    Stove:
    We all know about it. This is also known as a gas cooker or ranger.  This is a kind of kitchen appliance that allows us to cook using direct heat by burning gas.
  2.    Oven:
    It is required to have an oven in your kitchen to cook kielbasa. If you want to go with the baking process then it is mandatory to have an oven. There is no specific recommendation to have any special kind of oven or have any big-sized oven. A normal-sized oven is enough to prepare the food.
  3.    Slow-cooker:
    This is a very important appliance you need to have in your kitchen. To prepare the kielbasa you must have a slow-cooker.

Slow-cooker is a very helpful item and can be used to cook a variety of recipes without any hassle. If you don’t have one yet, you should buy a slow-cooker.

  1.    Saucepan:
    You just need a saucepan. The size of the saucepan should be medium. The approximate diameter is 6-8 inches. I hope you have got an idea of the size of the saucepan.

You can use a bigger one if you want to cook an extra amount of corn in a single time. But my suggestion will be of course to use a medium-sized one because you will find comfort cooking on it.

  1.    Skillet:
    We also call this frying pan. But it is called skillet mostly. To complete the frying portion you need a skillet. You will need to use it in one of the methods. If you don’t have one in your kitchen then you can go for another method.
  2.    Bar-B-Q Grill machine:
    There is one method while you will have to grill the kielbasa. It is a very tasty way to cook kielbasa. The size of the grill machine can be anything. You can use your regular
    grill machine to cook it. If the amount of kielbasa is more then you can go for a bigger grill machine for your advantage. There is nothing connected with kielbasa’s tasting.

Preparing the kielbasa

The first thing we have to do is preparing the kielbasa. It is not possible to cook the kielbasa directly. You first need to prepare it. To prepare that you need to do certain things:

  •         Take a cooking pan and then put the kielbasa into it. After that add onion slices, peppercorn, and garlic cloves into the kielbasa. Lastly, add enough amount of water into the mixture.
  •        Now set the burner into medium heat and place the pan on it.
  •        Now cook the mixture for 35-50 minutes. Continue it until the full boiling state of water. If the water gets boiled completely then low down the heat.
  •        For around 30 minutes cover your cooking pan simmer the sausage on your stovetop. You should continue until the water is gone.
  •        Drain water from the pan and keep the sausage on a dry plate. You can use it immediately right after the cooking. Besides that, you can preserve the sausage in the refrigerator for a week. Before cooking the sausage don’t forget to keep the sausage warm for 10 minutes.

Various methods to cook kielbasa

There are several ways to cook kielbasa. I am going to discuss some delicious ways of cooking kielbasa. These methods are easy to execute and don’t need any kind of special equipment.

Oven-Baking method

  •         First, you need to preheat your oven at 4000 F. This is mandatory to do it.
  •         Now coat your baking pan with oil. Put a little amount of oil into a baking pan then coat it properly. After that place kielbasa into the baking pan. Don’t overlap the kielbasa. Keep a distance from each other so that each one will get proper heating.
  •         Bake the sausage for fifteen to twenty minutes.
  •       When the skin of the sausage starts expanding and eventually gets split bring out the kielbasa from the oven and serve.

Slow-cooker method

  •         Take your slow-cooker and put sauerkraut into it. Now pour some water into the cooker. Make sure the water is enough to cook it properly.
  •         Now put the ring over sauerkraut and cover the cooker with a lid.
  •         You must set your slow-cooker to low temperature.
  •         Cook the kielbasa for 8-10 hours into the cooker. Bring out the kielbasa and serve nicely.

Pan-frying method

  •         First, on the chopping board start slicing the sausages according to your preference. You can cut thinner or you can cut thicker. But my suggestion will be to cut the sausage thicker because in that way it can be cooked perfectly. Make sure that you use a sharp knife that will yield amazing slices. So always buy the best knife to slice the sausage.
  •         Now take your skillet and set it over the stove to medium heat. After a minute pour the right amount of oil into the pan and swirl the pan to properly that oil reaches every corner of the pan. You can brush the skillet if you find swirling a tough thing to do.
  •         Place those pieces of sausages into the pan. Fry them a minimum of one minute for each side. Turn the pieces and fry the other side for one minute too.
  •         Once both sides are brown you can put them off and serve.

Grilling method

  •         First, you need to preheat your electric grill. After it’s done then place the kielbasa into it and then cook for 10-15 minutes. If you are using a coal grill then first burn the coal for 15 minutes then place kielbasa into the grill and cook for 15 minutes.  But my recommendation will be to cook on an electric grill for an easier way.
  •         When you place the kielbasa, don’t forget to flip it. After a certain amount of time flip the sausage so that both sides can get proper heating.
  •         When the kielbasa gets brown in color then put them off and serve on a plate.


So, these are some ways to cook kielbasa. Some methods are easy to cook or some others are tastier. There are certain things I want to share about the methods. My easiest way to cook kielbasa is by using the oven-baking method. It doesn’t require any kind of special thing and takes less time. But if you want to get the best of kielbasa then surely the grilling method will be ahead of others.

But I can make sure that every method will give you the finest taste of kielbasa. So prepare it without any hassle. You can choose the best-suited method for you according to your time, your appliances, or of course your taste.

Happy cooking and eating time!  


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