How To Cook Canned Corn

Canned corn is always on the top of the list of us as a light dish. This can be used to fight against hunger in a very short time. Today I am going to give you various methods and instructions to cook canned corn in three easiest ways which will make a tasty canned corn. So let’s see how the magic happens.

How to cook canned corn

Things needed to cook canned corn

  •         Obviously the canned corn
  •         Strainer
  •         Salt and pepper
  •         Can opener
  1.    Fresh canned corn is recommended. Don’t go for the corn can that has been manufactured a long time ago. The fresher the corn, the testier the recipe. To ensure that you can check out the packaging date of the product. And definitely the recent packaged one is fresher one
  2.    The can opener is the best way to open the canned corn. Some people tend to use a spoon or sharp knife to open it. But it is a safer and better way to open the can opener rather than using the best knife in the market
  3.    There is no restriction using any kind of strainer. It can be plastic made or can be made of stainless steel. So you don’t need to worry about that.

One thing you must ensure that it must be clean enough. As we know this kind of culinary utensil is not used regularly so it is kept idle for a long time. By keeping that in mind you have to wash the strainer properly before using it.

  1.    Salt and pepper are always the bosom friend of corn items. We need it fresh so that it can release its presence all over the corn. One or two pinches of salt and pepper is required.

That’s all about the preparation of ingredients. You see cooking canned corn is a very easy process. There are only several steps to make it. So you don’t need to get tensed while preparing it. But of course, these little suggestions will surely help you to bring out the perfect taste of canned corn.


How to cook canned corn


The methods

There are several methods to cook canned corn. In one way you can cook easily and another way you can cook with minimum utensils. So it is up to you to decide which one is the best-suited method for you. I will tell every method possible to cook canned corn without any hassle.

Stir Fry stove method

This is a simple way to cook canned corn. For cooking this way you just need a saucepan. The size of the saucepan should be medium. The approximate diameter is 6-8 inches. I hope you have got the idea of the size of the saucepan.

You can use a bigger one if you want to cook an extra amount of corn in a single time. But my suggestion will be of course to use a medium-sized one because you will find comfort cooking on it.

One more thing is you should look for a saucepan that conducts heat efficiently, and the handle of the pan is non-heating.

Way to cook:

  •         First, open your canned corn. After that put the corn into the strainer and then drain half of the water from the strainer.
  •         Now fill the pan with corn from the strainer and pour the corn into the pan by remaining water
  •         It is time to heat the pan. You have to be careful about the heating. The heating will be medium level.
  •         This time in a slow circular blending motion, you need to stir the corn along with the water. You must keep the heating equal in the whole mix in the meantime.
  •         Once the water starts to boil after heating it for around 2 minutes then you must lower down the heat. After that continue to stir the water along with corn for 1 minute more.
  •          Now take off the pan and put the corn into the strainer in order to drain the water from the corn.
  •         Take one teaspoon of butter and place it into the pan
  •         When the butter is melted completely then pour back the corn into the pan
  •         Lastly, season with a pinch of salt and pepper according to taste


How to cook canned corn


Roast Bake oven method

This is an amazing way to cook canned corn. The taste of this method is truly the best one. In this way, you need to bake corn in the oven.

The first thing that is needed is the baking sheet. It is not like the cookie sheet we often use baking cookies. It is a little bit different in quality. You will get that in the market easily.

If you want to find an alternative to this you can use the basic aluminum baking pan and line it with Silpat. It is a kind of parchment paper is used in baking.  

Way to cook:

  •         First, preheat the oven. The temperature must be below the broiler.
  •         Now pour the canned corn into a strainer to drain the water. Make sure the corn is clean enough.
  •         It is time to arrange the corn from the can into the baking sheet. Arrange all the corn in a way that no piece of corn overlaps another one. If it happens then not every corn will taste the same.
  •         Now bake the corn for 2-4 minutes. Then check that the corn kernels turn out to be brown in color. If so then bring out the corn from the oven. If not then keep it for another 1 minute.
  •         Lastly, sprinkle the corn with a pinch of salt and pepper for better taste.  

Microwave Method

This method is the easiest of all. You don’t need anything special or you don’t need to spend extra time to prepare the food. In this method, you just need a microwave-safe bowl. My recommendation will be glass made bowl rather than the plastic one.

Way to cook:

  •         First, open canned corn and put into the strainer to drain the water from the corn.
  •         Now place the corn on the microwave-safe container carefully.
  •         This time you need to season the corn with salt and pepper before baking the corn. This will enhance the taste of the corn.
  •         You can add a teaspoon of butter into the corn. This is not necessary but it will create a great taste, unlike the normal cooked canned corn.
  •         Now set the microwave to high and cook it for 1- 2 minutes. You shouldn’t cook more than this at high temperatures. If you use medium temperature you should bake for 3-4 minutes. But high temperature is recommended.  
  •         After finishing get off the bowl from the microwave and then stir it to mix the whole thing properly.
  •         Now put the bowl back into the microwave then bake it for 1 minute in medium temperature.
  •         After finishing serve the corn nicely.

How to cook canned corn


Picking the right canned corn

  •         In general, you don’t need to differentiate canned corns. But if you are in health issues then go for the corn that contains less sodium and added sugar.
  •         Gluten-free canned corn is recommended for the betterment of your health.


How to cook canned corn



These are the ways to cook a fast recipe that can be served as snacks or side dishes with any heavy item at any time. I have described the most efficient there ways that you can follow according to your choice. I am sure every time you will have perfect cooked canned corn.

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