Best Meat Slicers 2021: Top Picks By Kitchengeeky

You might be a meat lover who loves to cook various items at home and feels fantastic while taking the taste of those foods or you might be a professional who runs a restaurant and prepares delicious meat items and serves them to the customer or you might be the seller of meats.

Whoever you are, you definitely need a meat slicer.

You want to buy a good slicer for bacon or jerky but don’t know what to buy. Maybe you’re looking for the best one for your commercial use or you want to buy a nice slicer for your home kitchen.

Getting confused? What meat slicer you should buy. If you find difficulties to choose the best one then let me help you a little. Not a little but a lot I hope. Here my list of the best meat slicer of 2018. You fix your type and choose accordingly.

The list of our top seven:


Kws commercial 320 watts

BESWOOD 10'' Premium

Valley Sportsman 8.7’’ Electric Meat Slicer

Chef's Choi1ce 615 Premium

Nesco FS-250 180-Watt

Elite Platinum EMT-503B 

​Kalorik Professional Style Food Slicer


Best Commercial Meat Slicer

Best Meat Slicer for bacon

Best meat slicer for Home kitchen

Best meat slicer for jerky

Best budget meat slicer

Best meat slicer for raw meat

Best meat slicer for frozen meat











Motor Power








Blade Size








Item Weight

37.6 pounds

33 pounds

14 pounds

10 pounds

13.1 pounds

10.1 pounds

10 pounds

Item Dimension

20.5 x 18.5 x 15.3 inches

20 x 17 x 14.8 inches

14 x 9 x 8 inches

15 x 11 x 11 inches

14.5 x 8.6 x 11 inches

9.2 x 13.8 x 10.8 inches

15.4 x 10.3 x 10.9 inches

Here are the details of the mentioned meat slicer:

Kws commercial 320 watts

Strong & clinical; Best commercial meat slicer

Some key features:

· 10” Stainless Steel Blade

· Blade is plated with chromium

· Cutting Thickness 0-0.4”

· Motor Power = 320-Watts

This slicer is specially designed for commercial purposes. It has that professional look and built quality. It works great with meat (of course!) and also with veggies and cheeses. It’s ability to cut things at 0-0,4’’ helps the user to slice at very sharply.

With great power comes great rotary speed. This line comes to mind while talking about this meat slicer. And which leads to powerful meat slicing with least effort. This is “kws commercial”. It has 320 Watts motor which produces rotary speed 282r/hour. Especially in commercial uses, it thrives with its powerful slicing ability. It facilitates professionals to slice meat properly with less time.

It’s 10’’ stainless steel blade is best suited to cut through thick and big size meat. It can be used to cut frozen meat also as it has the combination of powerful motor and big size stainless blade. This sharp slicer is suitable for perfect thin slicing.

For professionals like butchers, expert chefs, and deli cook it comes up with an electric knife in its structure which will ensure the faster cooking experience for them.

This machine’s Aluminum Alloy Base makes it robust and strong to use it in commercial places like restaurants.

The most unique feature of it is vibration reduction capacity which prevents jerking hands while cutting meat and gives you a stable cutting experience.

The only thing it’s size and weight. it is a heavyweight machine and because of its size, you will have a bit challenging to clean it. But the upper structure is Waterproof. So that’s not the problem. You may suffer from the lower part. If you are a little bit careful with that you won’t find any hassle with that.


  • On/off switch for easy usage
  • ​Noise and vibration reduction
  • ​Fastest cutting capacity
  • ​Best suited for thick and frozen meat
  • Comes up with an electric knife


  • This machine is bit of heavyweight.
  • Cleaning the slicer is kind of difficult

BESWOOD 10 “ Premium

Sharp & Accurate - Best meat slicer for bacon

· Premium Chromium-plated Carbon Steel Blade with protection against corrosion

· There is no need to sharpen the blade frequently

· Double Illuminated ON/OFF Switch 24V to avoid power shock for best protection

· Slicing meat, cheese, veggies, ham, fruit precisely

· USA standard approved: ETL, NSF, FDA

Some key features:

· 10” stainless carbon steel blade plated with chromium

· Motor Power = 240-Watts

· 24v switch to avoid shock

Bacon is often needed at home and regularly at restaurants. It is used widely with various food items. So we all know the necessity of bacon in the kitchen. But getting it is a little bit costly if you buy from the butcher store and of course, it takes a lot of effort to prepare it at home with a knife or stuff like that.

But having a meat slicer which is also special in cutting perfect bacon can be the relief. We can use different kinds of the meat slicer. Almost every slicer do the same thing but still, some slicers are designed to bring out special types of task. BESWOOD 10 “Premium is one of the specialized meat for bacon.”

Its main strength is in its blade which is premium chromium-plated carbon steel blade. It makes the impeccably sharp. This blade is capable to protect against corrosion. This sharp blade is responsible for slicing perfect and flawless bacon without any hassle. The blade doesn’t require to be sharpened frequently.

The 240 watts powerful motor makes this machine a clinical beast with the combination of the premium carbon blade. It can work at a minimum level of thickness which of course a great brace for bacon lovers,

It is also capable of providing a good experience for cutting through meat, vegetables, and cheeses. That’s why it one of the preferred choices for professionals.

It is very easy to use at home because of its on/ off switch which is able to avoid shock due to its 24v switch. So it’s actually a very good choice for both home and commercial usage.


  • Extra sharp blade
  • ​Durable and well build
  • ​Very easy to use due to switch
  • ​Works quietly as it Sounds very less
  • Top- mounted whetstones


  • Heavyweight machine.

Valley Sportsman 8.7’’ Electric Meat Slicer

Simple & Striking - Best meat slicer for Home kitchen

Some key features:

· 8.7’’ stainless steel blade

· Motor Power = 180-Watts

· Removable carriage cover and nonslip feet

It’s not always a good idea for buying a bulky and expensive meat slicer for a home kitchen. Yeah! It can be used for a variety of tasks. But not all the people require that much.

For them, the slicer that is pretty much capable of every kind of work and easy to use is the best option. And without spending much one can buy Valley Sportsman without any hesitation.

It may look simple but very useful to do different kinds of slicing whether for bacon or jerky. It facilitates users to cut vegetables and cheeses creating no hassle.

This machine comes with 8.7’’ stainless steel blade. This blade is pretty sharp and accurate. It can cut through meat very efficiently. This machine is capable to meet every requirement a home user can have.

This blade can cut slices up to 9/10”. So for thin and ultra-thin performance, you can grab this machine for your home kitchen.

Its 180 watts AC power motor causes great power and rotation of the blade. The blade has a size- adjustment feature for easy use. It will help you to adjust according to your requirement.

Its removable steel carriage helps to put the meat easily. Altogether this machine is built for home use and easy and trouble free slicing experience.


  • Budget friendly
  • ​Lightweight and easy to use
  • ​Perfect for general usage
  • ​Best suitable for Bacon, Jerky
  • Very easy to clean


  • Not a good choice for heavy and commercial use

Chef's Choice 615 Premium

Sturdy & fast – best meat slicer for jerky

Some features:

· 7” strong steel blade

· Big and retractable food carriage

· On/off switch

· Motor Power = 180-Watts

We all know that how much effort we have to put to make jerky. Cutting into proper shape is always tiring and troublesome. To get rid of it you must buy chef’s choice 615 premium. It is one of the best meat slicers in the market and the best meat slicer for preparing jerky.

This powerful machine contains a 7’ strong steel blade which is capable of cutting through the meat very subtly. This medium size blade is widely used for cutting small portions from the meat.

It provides a minimal thickness of slices. This blade’s sharpness last longer. So you don’t need to sharpen the blade often.

Its 120 watts motor can produce high rotation for fast and flawless cutting operation. You can cut any type of meat trouble free. This machine can help you to cut vegetables and cheeses also. So you don’t need to worry about its multiple usages over different food items.

Due to its usable size and proper build quality, you can find comfort cutting jerky especially when it needs to be subtle and proper to cut jerky. So the tension is over if you buy this machine.

One of the benefits of this machine is its big and spacious food carriage which allows users to keep more meat on the carriage.

It always takes a bit of effort to clean up the meat slicer, but this slicer can easily be cleaned due to its removable body parts.


  • Very smooth and flawless cutting
  • ​Heavy motor power
  • ​Spacious food carriage
  • ​Fantastic build quality
  • ​Easy to use and clean
  • Not much costly


  • Thickness adjusting knob performs poor.
  • · Not for commercial use

Nesco FS-250 180-Watt

Efficient & Inexpensive – best budget meat slicer

Some key features:

· 8.7” strong steel blade

· Thickness control knob 9/16”

· Motor Power = 180-Watts

One of the finest meat slicers available in the market. It’s powerful and can perform efficiently for different purposes. The most stunning thing apart from its motor and blade is its build quality. It has full stainless steel food carriage with die-cast aluminum food press. A Durable thickness knob and non-slip feet make it premium.

This meat slicer comes with the 180-watt motor which can produce a great rotation speed. This 120v motor is capable to perform on any kinds of food items like meat, vegetables etc. you can use this machine to slice bacon and jerky easily. It is suitable for both home and commercial use.

The main strength of this meat slicer is its 8.7” stainless steel blade which can easily cut a wide range of meat sizes and shapes. It produces a very clean performance. The sharp edge of the blade can cut things very smoothly.

I mentioned earlier about its build quality. With this kind of build quality still, this meat slicer is very lightweight. For that, it’s very easy to handle and easy to use.

You will be a fan of this meat slicer while cleaning it. We all know cleaning meat slicer is the hectic thing to do but this machine takes very less time to clean. Because of its good design, you can easily clean this slicer.

Its price makes this product popular with the people. You can get the premium quality meat slicer with minimum budget.


  • A lightweight machine
  • ​Amazing build quality with great power
  • ​Budget friendly
  • ​Dual safety feature
  • Easy to use and easy to clean


  • The blades will need to be sharpened frequently

Elite Platinum EMT-503B

Safe & Simple – best meat slicer for raw meat

Some key features:

· 7.5” strong steel blade

· Die cast aluminum housing

· Motor Power = 130-Watts

Usually, raw meat is processed manually. If you want to have the control over the raw meat it is better to try with the manual meat slicer. As raw meat is a bit of slippery and tough to cut, manual slicer helps to cut it properly without any hassle.

But if you don’t want to use your muscle power then electric meat slicer is your only option. In that case, EMT-503B  can be a very good option. This machine provides simple rotation power which will prevent the raw meat to be scattered.

This machine is not that powerful comparing others so it won’t spoil the texture of the raw meat and capable to cut the meat smoothly.

This machine provides larger slicing space. This will help you to cut big sized raw meat. That’s a really good factor. Although the thickness knob is not that good it’s enough to cut raw meat.

It has a 130-watt motor which will produce a decent amount of rotation. With this rotation power, you can cut raw meat safely because the powerful motor may spoil the raw meat.

This meat slicer comes with 7.5” removable stainless steel blade which will be a very good option to cut raw meat, cheeses, and vegetables as well.

You see a special slicer for raw meat may not be useful for everyone. And this kind of meat slicer is not used for various purposes like preparing bacon or jerky. It will be a clever decision to buy one which is efficient and also cheap. Considering that EMT-503B  is the best option I believe.


  • Cheap in price
  • ​Large slicing platform
  • Easy to use and lightweight


  • Useful for raw meat and vegetables only
  • Not very powerful in processing

Kalorik Professional Style Food Slicer

Powerful & Durable – best meat slicer for frozen meat

Some key features:

· 7.5” strong steel blade

· Thumb and hand push guard

· Motor Power = 180-Watts

This meat slicer is not known much. But it deserves to be. Especially for frozen meat, you should try this meat slicer. This durable and powerful machine comes with spacious food carriage which will allow you to cut frozen meat as well any other meat item very comfortably.

With the help of 180- watt motor, this slicer provides high rotation speed. To cut frozen meat you will need powerful meat slicer. This will surely help you to achieve that. You can use this meat slicer for vegetables and cheeses also.

This meat slicer is equipped with a 7.5” stainless steel blade. For smooth and perfect slicing this blade works efficiently.

This durable machine allows you to control the thickness and precise portion. With the large food carriage, you can cut the large size of meat.

This low range slicer can be a good option for home or any restaurants.


  • Its sturdy and powerful
  • ​It provides larger space
  • Budget friendly


  • Thickness control is not very good

Here the complete list. We prepared it to give you the info about the best meat slicers for different tasks. If you’re a professional or a homemaker, it doesn’t matter at all. You can follow this list according to your requirements and necessities.

After researching a lot I personally feel that you should be sure about your tasks you want to do with your slicer. If you know your requirements then it won’t be hard for you to find the best suitable slicer for you.

Now to help you to know details about meat slicers, how to use it and the buying guides, I am giving in-depth information about meat slicer.

Follow the article till the end:

How to use a meat slicer?

Of course, not everyone is a professional like a butcher or chef or a deli cook. So the sensible person who is reading this article may not be one of the mentioned. It might be someone’s first time using a meat slicer. He/ she must get a basic info how to use a meat slicer.

If this is your first time using a meat slicer you have to be conscious about the proper way to slice meat using meat slicer. According to the user’s requirements, there are several types of the meat slicer.

The usual process of cutting meat by meat slicer is kind of similar. It only differentiates while cutting different kind of meats. For instance, cutting frozen meat and bacon absolutely different. But not a huge difference between them. The basic is almost the same.

The first thing that you should keep in mind using a meat slicer is Safety. Because it is a machine equipped with a hard metal blade that is rotating so fast. Putting fingers into it can happen anytime. And of course, that is going to be the worst incident of your life.

You must:

  • Wear cut –resistant gloves before starting meat slicer. Make sure you wear that properly.
  • ​Put the meat on the food carriage.
  • ​Fit it into its proper position by swaying the clamp arm attached into it.
  • Switch on the meat slicer. When the blade starts rotating then slice through the meat by rotating the carriage using its handle. Don’t forget to measure and set the correct thickness range using the thickness adjustment knob.


  • if you get confused with the desired thickness of the meat then cut a piece or two then compare and decide your desired thickness of meat.
  • After completing the work, turn off the machine. Change the thickness setting into zero.
  • If there is any residue of meat then keep that in freezer by wrapping it plastic paper for further use.

Why to use a slicer

· Also known as food slicers, meat slicers can be used to slice cheese, vegetables and fruits etc. professionals use it for its clinical cutting ability to cut thin and sometimes ultra-thin slices of meat and many other vegetables like onion, carrot, potato etc. So to have ultra- thin slices you can use slicer which is not possible for general people manually using knives.

· The best thing of meat slicer is that it facilitates to control the thickness level. By using the thickness control knobs one can easily determine the thickness level of meat or anything else according to their required thickness.

· Let’s assume that someone can cut thinnest possible slices of food items like meat. But it needs to be extraordinary to cut all the slices equal. Then there comes the machine. You can cut every single slice equally and evenly. Because there is a thickness control knob in the machine. For that you don’t need to hassle. Just set the knob according to your required thickness and let the machine do the rest.

· The most significant matter of meat slicer is it’s time saving ability. Yeah! It’s a real time saver. The tiring ways of chopping and cutting items take a lot of working time. Meat slicer can do that easily in a short time.

· Using meat slicer is also a money saving option. You see pre-sliced is not that cheap and you can cut meat like butchers. So buying pre-sliced meats for long time is of course costlier than using a meat slicer.

· It is absolutely a relief for health also. Cutting slices of meat and vegetables using knives takes a heavy effort. It hurts the hand but meat slicer is easy to use and there is no struggle using it.

Safety concern

Being careful while using meat slicer is the ultimate suggestion. There is no doubt with that. But accident can happen anytime whether it’s your fault or the machine went wrong. So apart from taking safety measures you should concern about some features of meat slicer which make the slicer safer than others. So there are some factors you should consider buying a meat slicer:

· Blade guard:

Blade guard is the most important components of a meat slicer considering the safety. It prevents user to put fingers on the blade and helps them to keep a safe distance between the blade and the fingers. So you must find a meat slicer equipped with blade guards.

· Removable blades:

Try to buy slicer which allows removing the blade while cleaning. It’s very necessary to clean the blade regularly. if you have removable bladed machine it will help you to clean safely.

· Gauge Plate Interlock:

We often find trouble while cleaning and sharpening the blade. It will reduce your effort if you buy a meat slicer equipped with gauge plate interlock. It prevents any kind of trouble while setting the blade into the machine

· Safety lock feature:

There are some machines both costly and cheap have one unique feature considering the safety of the user. It’s called safety lock feature. For this feature a machine doesn’t start automatically. If you are not using the machine it will not start by itself or it will shut down the motor if you are not using the machine. This is actually a non-volt release process that is connected with the on/off switch which prevents the machine to be working by itself or malfunctioned.

In the end, I would say one thing that using the machine regularly will make you expert and known to the machine. Thus you won’t find kind of trouble to work with the slicer. And remember one thing that you shouldn’t rush while working with the machine. Because anything can be wrong.

You might forget to stop or remove any function and then on the worst day you will get an accident. So be cautious and be safe.

How to clean a meat slicer?

Cleaning is essential to ensure the longevity and efficiency of a meat slicer. After every cutting session, you must clean the machine especially the blade of the machine immediately. If you keep the machine unclean for a while, it will lose its ability to cut sharply day by day.

Also, foodborne diseases can harm you badly. So cleaning is a must for a meat slicer owner. If you are the first timer and doesn’t know how to clean the machine properly then here some tips for you:

  • ​All the meat slicer except one or two mentioned above are very easy to clean. So buying one of them will ease your cleaning task. As most of them are removable and easily attachable, you won’t find any trouble cleaning the machine.
  • You should use food-grade lubricants to clean the machine.
  • ​Use quality sanitizer while washing the machine manually.
  • ​Make sure to clean the blade properly. Don’t clean it roughly or it will lose its sharpness quickly. So to get rid of sharpening the blade frequently you should clean the blade carefully.
  • If the machine allows you to detach any part then don’t clean machine without removing that part. You will get better result after removing components.

How to sharpen a meat slicer?

Well, it’s true that the sharpness of blades decoy after using the meat slicer for a while. Then we can’t afford to use the dull blade to ruin our favorite food items.

That why it’s needed and required to sharpen the blade of meat slicer frequently. And sharpening the blade regularly increases the capacity of the blade.

But sharpening the blade is not that easy task that we think. It takes a lot of efforts to sharpen the blade properly. You should get a slicer which is not needed to be sharpened frequently.

There are couple good slicers that come up with a built-in sharpener. For others, you have to buy a sharpener to sharpen the blade of the slicer. Here some tips for you to perform a good sharpening operation:

  • Among all other sharpener, the sharpening stones are considered as the best option for sharpening the blade. Because it is easy to get and cheap to buy. And regarding usefulness, it performs better than any other sharpener. One more thing about it is it’s easy to work with.
  • ​While working with the sharpening store don’t forget to sanitize the blade by putting it under running water. You can use spirit to sanitize it before sharpening the blade.
  • ​Then place the stone on the top of the blade of the slicer.
  • ​You can use locking knob to place the stone the base shaft.
  • ​Now put the blade on top of the stone and set the knob to keep both the blade and the stones steady in place.
  • ​It’s time to plug in the slicer. Now keep the machine running for half a minute. Then switch off the machine and let it cool down. After a few seconds start the same process. Usually 4 times are enough to get the desired sharpness. You can do it less or more according to your necessity and the condition of the blade. But don’t sharpen very much. It will hamper the capacity and roughness of the blade.
  • ​After completing the sharpening process, you can set the blade and machine together into their position. Check properly that everything is fine there.
  • ​Now disinfect the blade once again to remove any germs that may come while sharpening before using the blade of the sharpener.

How to remove slicer blade?

Some people find difficulty removing the blade of the meat slicer. Yeah it’s not easy thing though. But nowadays various meat slicers facilitate the simple way to remove the blade. If you buy one of them then you don’t need worry anymore.

  • While removing the blade make sure that the thickness range is set to minimum.
  • ​Don’t forget to unplug the machine before removing the blade.
  • You need to remove the blade guard before detaching the blade from the meat slicer.

Types of meat slicer

Basically there are two types of slicers following their mechanism:

1. Manual meat slicers

The classic meat slicer is the manual meat slicer. It was widely used in past on various commercial places like butcher shops and restaurants. But nowadays the use of manual slicer has been decreased.

But it’s not that this type of slicer is extinct. There are pretty much demands of manual slicer in places where electricity is not available.

One more thing that an expert can have the full control over the manual slicers but not over the electric slicers. For that, some professionals use manual slicers to get the perfect shape by controlling the whole process.

Manual slicer is cheaper than the electric one. So that is one of the reasons for the demand for manual slicers. Many people can’t afford the electric slicers. For them, the manual slicer is the only way to cut meat and other food items.

2. Electric meat slicers

I know I don’t need to say much about this type of meat slicer. It is the most used and available meat slicer today. Because of its power and ability to cut through the meat without much muscle effort, people are using it. From professionals to amateurs everyone uses electric meat slicer. It is an ultimate time saver, it facilitates various features and it reduces muscle effort. For these reasons, people are getting interested to buy an electric slicer.

Buying guide: Features to consider

The requirements vary from person to person according to their objectives. A professional like cook or a butcher must have different requirements regarding the meat slicers. On the other hand, a homemaker must have different requirements from them.

That’s why a single meat slicer isn’t ideal for them. But all the people must look for features those are very important. Let’s talk about the feature that you should look for:

Motor Power

The first thing you must check while buying an electric meat slicer is its motor power. The more watts a motor holds the more it produces torque. The motor power is responsible for the rotation of the blade.

If you need a beast machine to cut frozen meat then you must look for a powerful motor equipped meat slicer. Although the combination of motor power and blade makes a meat slicer powerful, the prime factor is its motor power.


The second most crucial factor of a slicer is its blade. Blade plays a vital role in building a powerful and efficient meat slicer. The size of the motor is directly related to its functions. For commercial slicers, blades are kept big. And for general use, it can be medium or low size blade.

A slicer can produce high-speed rotation but if its blade is not enough sharp then it will surely fail to process a clinical and efficient operation. So blades play a very crucial role in a meat slicer.

After regular usage, it needs to sharpen the blade to regain its sharpness. This task is a little bit irritating. You should care about the quality of metal that is used to make the blade of the slicer.

The chromium plated steels or carbon steel metals are the very good type of metals for blades. These types of metals increase the longevity of sharpness and durability of the blade.

Build Quality

Factors that affect the meat slicers can’t be overlooked. Build quality is one of them. A good build quality enables the slicer to perform with steadiness and makes the machine long lasting. Components like food carriage, non-slip feet and thickness knob must be durable.

Especially the thickness knob must be accurate and efficient. Without it, the meat slicer will fail to provide the good shape of jerky or bacon.

You should check the on/off process and how it works. Some meat slicers are able to prevent shock or automatic starting of the machine. These kinds of features make an easy user experience.


Last but not the least is the price of the meat slicer. Go for the slicer that seems to be budget friendly. Buying too much expensive slicer may not be useful for you. On the other hand, the cheap machine can cause you to lose by purchasing a useless meat slicer. So pay the price according to your requirements.

Wrapping Up

I know it’s pretty much tough to find the best meat slicer in the market. There are lots of products which are almost similar and create lots of confusion.

It’s difficult to find the perfect one after comparing a huge number of products. That’s why I spent plenty of times to find the best according to the requirements.

You can find the best meat slicer for bacon or for jerky and the best one for home or the professionals. So after checking my best list, you won’t find any trouble to buy a perfect, useful and long-lasting meat slicer for your home or business.

If you have any further query, comment below. Though I believe you will not have any problems finding the best one in the market if you follow my article properly.

Have a good buy!

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