The Best Meat Cleavers 2021- Kitchengeeky Buyer’s Guide

A Kitchen is full of culinary tools that enable the chef to operate various tasks over food items to prepare a delicious item. Among the utensils the cleaver is one of the most essential tools in the kitchen. To cut different types of meat with bones or plain meat it is required to have a perfect meat cleaver.

I am here to present you the details about the meat cleaver and an exclusive list of Best meat cleavers of 2020.

The meat cleavers vary due to its way of using buy chef or butcher or any homemaker. People use different cleaver for different purposes. Before finding out the best cleaver in the market you have to figure out your requirements and for what kind of tasks that you are going to do with the meat cleaver.

To make it easy to choose I haven’t made a simple list of top 10 or top 5 cleaver. Because I believe a top cleaver might get useless if doesn’t meet your requirements despite of being the finest in the market.

That’s why I have finalized some categories and brought out the best of them following the category. So without wasting more time let’s check out the list:

Top 10 Meat Cleavers 2020 - My Top Picks

1. Best Professional Meat Cleaver

Dexter-Russell S5288 8-Inch Heavy-Duty Cleaver

2. Best Choice Meat Cleaver

Wusthof Classic 7 1/2-Inch Heavy Cleaver

3. Best Budget Meat Cleaver

Utopia Kitchen 7 Inch Stainless Steel Chopper

4. Best Meat Cleaver for Home

J.A. Henckels International Classic 6-Inch Meat Cleaver

5. Best Chinese Meat Cleaver

Shun DM0712 Classic 7-Inch Chinese Cleaver

6. Best Butcher’s Meat Cleaver

Dalstrong 7-inch German High-carbon steel Cleaver

7. Best designed Meat Cleaver

Global G-12 Meat Cleaver

8. Best Vintage Meat Cleaver

Traditional S5198 Chinese Chef's Knife

9. Best Chopping Cleaver

Zelite Infinity 7-Inch Cleaver knife –Comfort-pro series

10. Best Vegetable Cleaver

CPK Elite 7-inch Professional Cleaver Knife

So it’s up to you that which kind of cleaver you kind. You just find out your option then just choose one from this list without any hesitation.


Dexter-Russell S5288 8-Inch

Wusthof Classic 7 Inches

Utopia Kitchen 7 Inch

J.A. Henckels International Classic 6-Inch

Shun DM0712 Classic 7-Inch

Dalstrong 7-inch

Global G-12

Traditional S5198

Zelite Infinity 7-Inch

CPK Elite 7-inch


Heavy-Duty Cleaver

Heavy Cleaver

Stainless Steel Chopper

Meat Cleaver

Chinese Cleaver

German High-carbon steel Cleaver

Meat Cleaver

Chinese Chef’s Knife

Cleaver knife –Comfort-pro series

Professional Cleaver Knife














Material Type

Carbon Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

High Carbon German Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Item Weight

2.5 pounds

1 pound

13.4 ounces

1 pounds

13.6 ounces

2.69 pounds

1 pound

12 ounces

14.2 ounces

13.4 ounces


14 x 5 x 1.5 inches

18 x 6 x 2 inches

9.4 x 3.1 x 0 inches

8.8 x 5.2 x 15.2 inches

12.1 x 3.8 x 1 inches

19 x 5.2 x 1.7 inches

12 x 3 x 1 inches

3.7 x 11.2 x 0.3 inches

11.8 x 1 x 3.4 inches

13.3 x 3.9 x 1.3 inches

Blade Size

8 inches

7 inches

7 inches

6 inches

7 inches

7 inches

6 1/2 inches

8 inches

7 inches

7 inches

Here is my details list of meat cleaver. You can find details of Wusthof meat cleaver, dexter-russell meat cleaver etc. you will also get details of vintage meat cleaver, chopping cleaver, vintage meat cleaver, Chinese meat cleaver and more. So check this out:

Dexter-Russell S5288 8-Inch Heavy-Duty Cleaver

Quick Specs:

· Stain –free high- carbon stainless steel blade

· 8” heavy blade

· Rosewood handle

· It weighs 2.5 pounds

· Blade thickness .25”

This meat cleaver is truly a heavy duty utensil. This china made cleaver can perform excellent cutting through hard and heavy bones very easily.

As I mentioned this cleaver comes with 8” sharp blade. The blade is made from high-carbon stainless steel. This metal is responsible for stain –free and robust blade. This superbly honed blade is designed for long-lasting sharpness. When you will use it you will feel the force of this blade duty its size and satin-finished blade.

The most important quality of this cleaver is its weight. It’s very heavy in weight. It weighs 2.5 pounds. Thus produces extreme force while cutting through bones and other meat and fish staffs. Professionals use this cleaver for cutting joints and bones and also for heavy meat.

This powerful blade is bonded with a well finished rosewood handle with three brass rivets. As the handle is made up from wood, it is not slippery. Hence it helps the user to grip perfectly.

Altogether the build quality is its strength. The combination of blade and handle provides a powerful cutting experience.


  • Especially for professionals
  • ​Sharp, robust & heavy blade
  • ​Powerful cleaver
  • ​Long-lasting sharpness of blade
  • ​Tight gripping of handle
  • ​Tip of the blade is flat
  • Has a hole for hanging


  • Certainly designed not for Home Users
  • ​Rosewood handle is tough to clean
  • The weight is too heavy to use for all

Wusthof Classic 7 1/2-Inch Heavy Cleaver

Quick Specs:

· 7.5” blade

· Forged out of a single piece carbon steel

· Synthetic handle with three rivet

· It weighs over 1 pound

· Blade with 14-degree cutting angle

This bold and solid cleaver is made in Germany. It’s a classic meat cleaver with so much power in it to cut through bones and joints with minimum effort.

The blade size is 7.5” which is bold and thick enough to perform excellent force to separate meat from bones. This blade is a solid piece because it is forged out from single piece steel. So there is no doubt of its durability and robustness. This blade is made using the precision edge technology which ensures 20% sharper blade. It provides 200% improved sharpness retention. The laser tested edge is responsible for balanced and efficient cutting experience.

Its three rivet synthetic handle makes sure of its durability and ease of using the cleaver. Wusthof has used advanced polypropylene module handle to bring out a powerful and handy meat cleaver.

Considering every specifications of this meat clever, I must say it is one of the finest meat cleavers in the market right now. It’s classic and quality product from Wusthof.


  • Lightweight but strong & powerful cleaver
  • ​Sharper & laser tested edge
  • ​The advanced design enables less effort to operate
  • ​Solid high-carbon materials
  • ​Polypropylene module handle
  • Suitable for both Home users & professionals


  • Little bit of costly comparing others
  • The users who use wooden handle may find the handle a bit of slippery in some cases

Utopia Kitchen 7 Inch Stainless Steel Chopper

Quick Specs:

· 7” blade

· 100% stainless steel blade

· ABS 430 handle

· 3.0mm blade thickness

· It weighs around 1 pound

A very good looking designed cleaver made by Utopia kitchen. This low priced chopper is a very good option for cutting and maneuvering.

The cleaver comes with 7” blade and the blade is made of 100% stainless steel. It’s a solid piece of blade. Whole blade is forged out from a single part of steel. This is a very strong and rigid blade which ensures a decent cutting experience through bones and meat. It works very fine and precisely as vegetable cleaver or chopper.

This blade has ultra-sharp edge which enables extra lasting and superb cutting performance. Its build quality is certainly its plus point. This durable and sturdy blade is exclusively designed for day-to-day performance very efficiently. Whether a commercial kitchen or a home kitchen, for both cases this 7” utensil is a very good option to hold under hands.

As the whole cleaver is forged out from single piece of steel, the handle is completely steel connected to the blade. The maker of this product added an extra portion of plastic made element which is fixed over the handle to ensure easy gripping and easy usage. This addition of the plastic over handle makes to feel the less weight of the blade than the genuine weight.


  • Cheap in price
  • ​Durable & solid built quality
  • ​Lightweight & easy to operate
  • ​Dishwasher safe
  • ​Ultra-sharp edge of blade
  • Blade’s sharpness lasts long


  • The handle is not very good. It’s not long lasting. The plastic portion starts loosen after using a while.

J.A. Henckels International Classic 6-Inch Meat Cleaver

Quick Specs:

· High- carbon stainless steel blade

· 6” blade

· Triple riveted handle

· It weighs 1 pounds.

This meat clever from Spain is a perfect combination of durability and precision.

The 6’’ blade is forged out of High-carbon stainless steel. This steel is hot drop forged. The robustness of this blade ensures the force to cut through the bones. The size of the blade is pretty much suitable for easy usage. You can use this cleaver for its precision on cutting any kinds of items from fish to meat.

The blade is bridged with Triple riveted handle which provides seamless transition from blade to handle. With this traditional handle you will feel the perfect grip on the cleaver. Thus it provides balance while cutting through hard bones.

This blade comes with lifetime. If you want well balance and lightweight meat cleaver for précised cutting, this sharp and strong cleaver is for you. When you are not using it you can hang the blade with the hole in it.


  • Sharp and durable blade
  • Built quality provides perfect and balance and flawless usage
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Perfect gripping of handle
  • Best option for Home


  • Not a good option for cutting heavy bones
  • Professionals may find it too small to work with

Global G-12 Meat Cleaver

Quick Specs:

· 6.5” square shaped blade

· 100% stainless steel blade

· Solid stainless steel handle

· Product dimensions 12 x 3 x 1 inches

· It weighs 1 pound

This small size cleaver is manufactured by Browne Canada retail. It’s very distinctly designed and is a best option for accurate and précised chopping and cutting of meat.

The design of this cleaver is completely different comparing other meat cleavers. This medium size cleaver comes with a square sized 6.5” inch blade which is forged out from a solid piece of stainless steel. The finishing of the blade is just staggering. The bolster-less design of the blade equipped with ultra-sharp edge makes sure of a high precision on cutting meat.

Especially cutting meat for various food items that requires clean and proper cutting of meat, this cleaver can do that very easily. It’s a very good option as a vegetables chopper. Due to its lightweight and sharpness this blade can chop vegetables and meat very efficiently.

The build quality of this blade raises its position as one of the finest meat cleavers in the market. The whole cleaver including the blade and the handle is made from single piece of steel. So you dare not to doubt about its robustness and sturdiness. Though it’s a solid utensil still it’s very lightweight and hence eases the user to operate.

The handle is very unique in design as well as in quality. The handle is completely solid. For increasing the gripping capability the handle is made of patterned hollow into it. It also offers grips to avoid slippage.


  • Best option for home use
  • ​15 degree angled blade
  • ​Solid and no- separate part in it
  • ​Creates great amount of force
  • ​A hole for hanging it
  • Suitable for faster chopping


  • This won’t help you to cut thicker and stronger bones
  • If you are used to wooden handle then you will find its handle slippery

Dalstrong 7-inch German High-carbon steel Cleaver

Quick Specs:

· High carbon German steel made blade

· 7” blade with hand polished edge

· Triple riveted Pakkawood handle

· It weighs 2.09 pounds

An award winning designed cleaver made by Dalstrong. It is well balanced with razor sharp blade which makes this cleaver an outstanding performer at commercial as well as home kitchen.

This cleaver comes with 7” high carbon German steel made blade. It uses cutting-edge technology to ensure perfect and flawless cutting through meat and bones. This blade is made at 55 Rockwell hardness with stunning finished edge. This satin finished blade holds edges at 18 degree per side which enables it perform a great force over meat and bones.

The design wise it’s a charmer. Quality design of tall blade provides a dashing look and amazing cutting ability. The whole cleaver is tapered for improved durability, flexibility and precision. This cleaver is able to provide minimal slicing resistance.

The blade is embedded with luxury pakkawood handle with triple riveted grip. This pakkawood is plastic made composite elements which makes the cleaver maximum durable as well as easy to grip and control. This handle is laminated and polished for ensuring perfect grip when you are using it for faster cutting.


  • Best option for both commercial and home use
  • ​18 degree angled blade
  • ​A great design for easy use
  • ​Durable and can perform great force
  • Suitable for faster chopping


  • The cleaver is bit of heavyweight. Amateur users may find it difficult to handle due to the weight and tall blade.

Zelite Infinity 7-Inch Cleaver knife –Comfort-pro series

Quick Specs:

· ThyssenKrupp high carbon German steel made blade

· Stain resistant 7” blade

· Chinese style metal handle

· It weighs around 1 pound

This cleaver is a beast. Widely used by professionals, this Chinese style cleaver is an efficient utensil to cut through meat, light bone and vegetables.

We all have that fascination about Chinese shaped cleaver. This amazing designed cleaver is based on Chinese style with advanced addition. It’s a solid cleaver which is forged out from high carbon stainless steel with 50% Cr in it. it is heavy duty and gives solid power while cutting. The steel used in the cleaver is completely rust and stain resistant and hence provides long lasting sharpness.

The blade is 7” in size and this blade is designed with 18-20 degrees edge that and the edge is ultra- sharp. The blade boasts an optimum 56 Rockwell hardness that means the blade will reduce your pressure to cut things.

An ergonomic rounded shape handle is the most unique thing of this blade. The handle is little bit curvy and enables the user to grip perfectly. It provides perfect forward balance and precision. The handle is robust and can be used for long time without any hassle. There is a good looking ZELITE logo on the handle.


  • Gripping of handle is its strength
  • ​18-20 degree angled blade
  • ​Lightweight but powerful
  • Can be used for vegetables and soft meat cutting


  • This cleaver is not a very good choice for cutting heavy bones and joints.

Shun DM0712 Classic 7-Inch Chinese Cleaver

Quick Specs:

· Damascus cladded with 34 layers stainless steel made blade

· 7” Chinese chef’s blade

· D-shaped Pakkawood (resin-impregnated hardwood) handle

This cleaver is from Seki city, Japan which is the manufacturing place of samurai sword. This handcrafted classic cleaver is used for cutting meat and vegetables.

This blade is 7” in size and has 16 degree edge per side. And this blade is sharper than any European blade. This is double beveled piece of cleaver. As the blade is handmade, the sharpness is completely ensured by testing physically. So you will find that classic feeling to cut through meat and bones.

The material of blade is VG-10 hardened Japanese steel. It offers Damascus clad with 34 layers in total which gives rigidness and strength to the blade. The metal is corrosion and rust resistant which makes it long lasting and durable.

The handle is D-shaped. It is very strong handle as it is made of Pakkawood which is resin-impregnated hardwood. This kind of handle is very long lasting. You can use it for a long time.


  • D-shaped handle
  • ​16 degree angled blade
  • ​Strong and sharper
  • Suitable for vegetables and meat cutting


  • This is not a very good choice for cutting heavy bones and joints.
  • Handle will seem bit of slippery in case of faster cutting

CPK Elite 7-inch Professional Cleaver Knife

Quick Specs:

· 7” square shaped blade

· Blade is made of premium stainless steel

· Well-designed non-slip grip handle

· It weighs around 1 pound

This cleaver is great in use. It is multipurpose cleaver. You can use it for cutting, dicing, mincing. It can cut through meat easily and can also be used cut bones and toughest meat. You can use it for removing the skin from fish as it is so much sharp.

This cleaver’s blade is 7”. It keeps long lasting sharpness. The blade is rust and corrosion resistant. The blade is very and sharp and holds its edge retention for long time.

The blade is of premium stainless steel. It is durable and built quality is superb. You won’t find any problem using it because this square shaped blade is enough sturdy and has strength to provide great power over the toughest meat.

The design of the handle is amazing. It offers ergonomic grip handle. It’s absolutely non-slippery. The unique design of the grip enables user to hold it easily and doesn’t cause any cramps on hand unlike the conventional meat cleaver handle. We often find a cleaver that is pretty much sharp as well offers great gripping. In that case this cleaver is a very option


  • Safe & easy to use
  • Ultra sharp blade
  • ​Gripping of handle is staggering
  • ​Suitable for vegetables, meat & bones cutting
  • ​Cheap in price
  • ​Best option for multi use
  • ​Offers great balance and precision
  • Hole for hanging it up


  • Quality of material of blade is not that great.


Quick Specs:

· Carbon steel made blade

· 8” Chinese traditional blade

· Conventional and simple wooden handle

· It weighs 0.75 pounds

If you are looking for a traditional and vintage designed Chinese cleaver this is the best option available in market right now. Some people need this kind of cleaver for special purposes. That’s why we have put it in the list. It might not be so much heavy and the build quality is not that good comparing advanced cleaver available in the market. But it will surely help those professionals who need this for preparing special food items. Yeah this is not suitable for all kind of users of course.

The blade is 8” in size. It is average in quality. It doesn’t allow to create great force. This blade is basically designed for preparing Chinese food items and vegetables items which requires less pressure to put in. this blade is fairly used for cutting fishes and removing skin from the fish.

The handle is pretty conventional and old fashioned which is completely made of wood. So it won’t help you to have proper gripping. This cleaver is for the people who are used to it for their daily or special purposes.


  • Safe & easy to use
  • ​Strong blade
  • ​Cheap in price
  • Especially for vegetables cutting


  • It’s only suitable for special purpose and some commercial and classic restaurants.

What is a meat cleaver?

Well if you don’t know what is meat cleaver then must have missed the most attractive culinary utensil in the kitchen. The meat cleaver is a tool that can be found among the collection knives. You may not see it often as it doesn’t need to be used regularly.

We see different kinds of knives like utility knife, chef’s knife, paring knife, fillet knife etc. apart from these knives chef uses a big size utensil which is not similar looking like a knife to cut the heavy meats, bones and sometimes vegetables also.

For power cutting and precision while cutting, we often use a meat cleaver.

Buying Guide: Features to look for

While buying a meat cleaver you must be concern about some specifications. There are some primary concerns that you must consider first. Because it will affect the performance of the cleaver as well as the fact how suitable is the cleaver for you. The primary factors that you have to consider first before buying a meat cleaver:

Cutting edge

The first and most important thing of a cleaver is the design of the blade. If you want to avoid repeated times of placing the cleaver on the meat and bones then you have to consider about the edge of the blade carefully. If the edge is not enough sharp you won’t be able to cut meat properly and will result thick cut of meat and bone.

There are two types of edge of cleavers that are available in the market. The one with blunt blades it is kind of blade which doesn’t need manage regularly as it doesn’t need to sharpen and this kind of blade never lose its effectiveness.

Another one is sharp blade. This is the most common type of blade and it is suitable for precision cutting. But it needs to be sharpened regularly.

Now you have to find which kind is suitable for you.

Blade height

Whether you want powerful cutting experience or soft cutting experience, the matter that affects this case most is the height of the blade. If you are professional and need to cut hard bones or tough meat, you should have a long in height cleaver. It will be efficient for you to cut into any deep joints.

On the other hand if you want to cut light bones, soft meat or vegetables than you must buy a cleaver with comparatively shorter in height which will help you to cut simply and easily.


The weight of the cleaver decides that how comfortably you will be able to operate the cleaver. Usually lightweight but sturdy cleaver is preferred for the users except professionals for ease of usage and efficient cutting performance. If you want to buy a cleaver for home use or for simple use in commercial places then you must own a lightweight meat cleaver.


It is the most crucial and I would complex thing to choose. We know the handle is the most attractive part of the cleaver. We all get fascinated by various designs and colors of handle and later find difficulties using that. So while choosing the cleaver you have to check that the handle is gripping well or is not slippery at all.

The wooden one is the best option in slippery issues, but it creates problems or cramps holding it for long time. Plastic handle is not long lasting. So you should choose something composite handle and also Advanced and curvy handle which prevents slippery.

These are the primary factors. Apart from these there are several features of a meat cleaver that has great impact on the cleaver. So if you want to buy a perfect and best suited cleaver for you then you must consider following factors:

The spine

It is a very important part of a cleaver. The spine is responsible for holding the balance of a cleaver. It also affects the power of the cleaver. The more heavy the cleaver is the more power it will impose, but you have to consider that big spine can cause heavyweight cleaver. So you must find the best option for you.

Blade width

If the blade’s width is long than it will be heavier and you will find comfort while cutting hard bones and tough meat. So if you’re looking for a cleaver that can do this work, you should buy wider cleaver. But in general cases width of the cleaver should be normal

Blade thickness

To crack the hard bones the thicker blade performs well. As it create much pressure. On the other hand if you’re looking for sharp and précised cutting than thickness should be less.

Sometimes it depends on the material that is being used. Some metals can perform sharply despite being thicker but there are some ordinary metals with less thickness don’t have much effect. But one suggestion to you is that try to find thicker blade made of good material like high carbon.


The balance of the meat cleaver is very necessary. Because if the cleaver doesn’t have proper balance, then you will find hard to cut through foods. You have to run the cleaver repeatedly to have a perfect slice or cut which may hamper the quality of meat.

Types of material

In this modern and competitive market manufactures are trying to provide a best combination lightweight, powerful and long lasting cleaver by using advanced and composite materials. So material or the metal is a big factor nowadays a quality full metal with smaller size can cut more powerful than a larger size blade which is forged out from ordinary metals. Try to buy one made of high- carbon steel, German steel etc. these kinds of metals are very good in quality.

How To Use A Meat Cleaver At Its Best

We should use any kind of tool in a proper way to get the best output from it. Many of us don’t know the proper way to use the cleaver that’s why sometimes they steer away from using it. Here is a proper guideline to use a cleaver at its best.

Setting Up The Cutting Board

First of all, make sure your cutting board is strong enough. Then you have to place it on the location where it will be stable and will not slip while you use the cleaver. For safety purposes, you can put a gripper mat or a wet piece of cloth or napkin under the cutting board.

Select your plan of attack:

You must need to choose in which way you are going to use the cleaver. It will depend on what kind of food you are chopping. Hacking is not always the best option.

For example, if you want to cut down a whole roast chicken then simply use the cleaver as you would use the chef’s knife. Hold the second grip to have a good control on the cleaver and use a slight rocking motion to cut through the chicken.

Chopping poultry or meat:

Always use a power grip whenever you are going to chop poultry or meat. At First, stabilize the thing that you are going to chop with your own non-dominant hand. Make sure to place your hand at a safe distance unless you can be injured.

Get ready & cut:

After choosing the ideal way of using the cleaver, you can go for using it. There is no need to put heavy forces to hack the meat or bone. Use the weight of the cleaver in your favor and it will do most of the work for you.

When you start chopping, the chopping motion itself should come from your wrist. Simply raise your arm slightly from the elbow and then bring it down on the food that you are chopping. Use your wrist to give direction to the cleaver and apply force in the right direction.

Try to use a solid cutting board. Try to make sure that you are cutting down perpendicularly or make it at a slight angle to the grain. Otherwise, there is a risk that the chopping board can be split when you chop the food.

Slice through again if needed:

Sometimes you need to slice through the meat again. It is very natural to get used to it and to know how much force you should apply for a clean cut. The cleaver can be stuck into the bone which is very natural. If it happens, simply use your non-dominant hand on the cleaver’s spine and put pressure on it. It will drive the cleaver downward and will finish the cut.

Why Is There A Hole In The Meat Cleaver

Do you know why does a meat cleaver have a hole?

Actually, there is nothing special about this. But it is helpful. Meat cleavers have a hole in its blade only because you can hang them in the wall. As the cleavers are usually very large in shape, it’s really hard to fit in your kitchen drawer or in your knife blocks. So the hole basically helps you to conveniently hang it on a hook or nail somewhere safe without taking up to much room for it.

But not all meat cleavers actually have this hole. Those which has no hole in the blade, needs to keep in the drawer or in a place that it can be fit.

Difference between meat cleaver and Chinese cleaver:

We often get confused by meat cleaver and Chinese cleaver. These two items almost same looking and are used for almost similar kinds of jobs, still there are some strong differences between meat cleaver and Chinese cleaver.

Physically the Chinese cleaver is thinner or less thick than a convention meat cleaver. The blade of the Chinese cleaver is less sturdy than of a meat cleaver. Though in most cases, Chinese cleaver is sharper than meat cleaver. Meat cleavers are mostly blunt considering Chinese cleaver.

Chinese cleaver is usually used for cutting softer food likes soft meat, vegetables etc. on the other hand meat cleaver is best suited for cutting hard or light bones, tough meat.

For more efficient performance the meat cleavers are used. After all you will find many varieties of meat cleaver for different uses. But the use of Chinese cleaver is limited and only used by some professionals.

How to sharpen a meat cleaver

Sharpening the cleaver is little bit of difficult thing to do. As its size is not comfortable as knife, people often find hard to sharpen a meat cleaver. Also there are some people who don’t how to sharpen meat cleaver properly.

  • By using a stone sharpener:

It is the most common medium to sharpen the meat cleaver especially for chefs. The usually use stone sharpener to sharpen meat cleaver. Home users also find ease by using this method.

A sharpening stone has a silicon base on top of it which is non-slippery. You can rub the cleaver connecting the edges of it to sharpen properly

  • By using a handheld knife sharpener

It has a rubber grip handler. All you need to do is to rub the sharpening portion with blade of the cleaver. And blade will be sharpened.

  • By using multipurpose sharpener

You don’t need have any skills to sharpen the cleaver if you use a multipurpose sharpener. It’s compact package of sharpener using advanced technology. It has power grip portion to attach to any flat surface. So you won’t find any trouble to use it.

Wrapping Up

So it was all my effort to give you an overall idea about meat cleaver and the list of best meat cleaver available in the market.

You see it’s really hard to find the best one from the market after comparing huge amount of products. So my effort will get paid if you gather a clear idea about the meat cleavers and if you become successful to find your desired one.

Good luck and have a nice buy!

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