Best Knife For Slicing Brisket 2021 | Carving & BBQ Knife

What could be the best thing to do at a BBQ party? Aged persons may think about gossiping or making fun of the friends, kids may think about playing, dancing etc. But what’s about you?

After working all day long, you definitely deserve something more interesting than they do. So, what could be your favorite choice? Aye, let me guess! Is it a piece of brisket? Yes, it definitely is! That grilled brisket!

Everyone loves to eat brisket. Brisket owns an unavoidable appeal for almost all food lovers. It is kinda impossible to deny that appeal! Whenever I attend a party, I always wait to tuck into a smoky brisket.

Trust me, there is nothing like to feel a hot smoky piece of brisket in your mouth. Just feel it! It’s more than awesome!

Unquestionably, all of us love to bite on brisket. We want to eat it every day. If you are also a food lover like me, you should know how to cook brisket at home.

Cooking a delicious mouthwatering piece of brisket is not as easy as eating brisket. Especially, the slicing part is almost ridiculous for the maximum home cook. Use the sharpest knife to slice your brisket.

Hold on! Can’t seem to slice your glorious brisket with your old knife?

It is high time to get a new member for your kitchen. You will find different types of knives for slicing your brisket. But, I will suggest you buy a slicer. Only a perfect slicer can help you to perform the best slicing.

While looking for the best slicing knives, you may end with two different variants of them. One of them is manual slicing knives and another one is electric slicing knives. Which one do you need exactly?

Well, stay with me to find the optimal answer. However, before informing you about the slicing knives, I am going to represent top six slicing knives for you. Let’s look for a short review for all of them.

Top 6 Best Brisket Slicing Knife 2020 - My Top Picks

1. MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Premium 11-Inch Stainless Steel Carving Knife

2. Wusthof Gourmet 14” Hollow Edge Brisket Slicing Knife 4519-1/36-100

3. Victorinox 12 Inch Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife With Granton Blade

4. Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife

5. Mercer Culinary Millennia 14-Inch Granton-Edge Slicer Knife

6. Dexter 13463 12-Inch Silver Sani-Safe Scalloped Roast Slicer Knife

Top 6 Best Brisket Slicing Knife 2020 – Comparison Chart



MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Premium 11-Inch Stainless Steel Carving Knife

14" Brisket Slicer, Hollow Edge

Item weight

20.8 ounces

7.2 ounces

16 ounces

0.48 ounces

8.8 ounces

6.7 ounces

Blade Size

11 inches

14 inches

12 inches

12 inches

14 inches

12 inches




(17.9 x 5.1 x 1.8) inches

(18 x 4 x 1) inches

(17.4 x 1.8 x 0.8) inches

(12 x 4 x 5.5) inches

(22.2 x 1 x 4.1) inches

(18.8 x 3.8 x 1.2) inches

 Material  Type

Premium stainless steel

Chrome Molybdenum Vanadium steel

Stainless Steel

High quality stainless steel

Japanese stainless steel

High-Carbon Steel / Polypropylene








1. MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Premium 11-Inch Stainless Steel Carving Knife

The MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Premium 11-Inch Stainless Steel Carving Knife is a nicely engineered knife by MAIRICO. It has a very long and ultra-sharp blade.

This blade can cut almost any food material with unsurpassed precision. This knife is good for any professional or seasonal chef. Its long handle is always appreciable for the ultimate maneuvering.

This unit comes with 11 inches long blade. Few people may find it little awkward, but this type of long blades are very useful for cutting tasks.​

Suppose you want to host a party in your house. On the party, you must offer some barbecue to your guests. And do you know what, cooking barbecues is not as easy as eating. Before making a barbecue fist, you have to slice it first. What’s about your slicing knife?​

Is it effective enough to slice brisket? Well, maybe your knife is enough sharp. But, is it long enough? A long knife is a pure lifesaver while slicing a big part of the brisket. You can save lots of your precious time only by using a long knife while slicing briskets.

While considering the size, you also have to consider the weight too. The long a knife, the more weighted it will be. Here is the real beauty of MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Premium 11 Inch Stainless Steel Carving Knife.

Though this knife contains 11 inches huge blade, it still feels lightweight. You can easily control this knife with a single hand.

Let’s talk about the blade. The blade is made of premium stainless steel. This stainless steel contains few great features. For example, they are completely rust proof, remains sharp for a long time etc. So, your knife can survive in any weather condition.

It will be completely okay in any harsh storage condition. The handle will also surprise you for sure. The handle comes in black in color. It provides a very firmer grip against your palm.

Further, it contains a narrower angle in the connector point of the handle and blade. So, your finger is completely safe while slicing your brisket.

This MAIRICO knife is very versatile while working. You can use this knife for multiple reasons. You can cut smoked salmon, pork lions, roast meat, brisket, turkey and all kinds of vegetables. This knife can slice and cut all of them very efficiently.

Well, let’s talk about the cutting. I have already told you that this knife is very sharp. So, before heading to cut something with this, try to keep yourself as sensible as you can. It will be better if you can put your foods together on a chopstick.

Try to cut from outside to the inside while cutting a piece of meat. However, the pressing is also very important while slicing or cutting your brisket. You will need comparatively little pressure for cutting veggies or smoked meat.

The after-cutting jobs are also easier to do with the MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Premium 11 Inch Stainless Steel Carving Knife. This knife comes with little air pockets in the whole blade. It prevents the meats and veggies to stick with the blade.

So, the blade remains literally clean even after using it for a whole day. The cleaning process is very simple. Just wash it with pure water and you are done!

The MAIRICO brand guarantees its performance. They claim that you will find this knife definitely helpful and amazing. In case you are not happy with this knife, just return it to them. They will provide FULL REFUND to you! Isn’t it the best deal?


  • Ergonomic Design with firmer grip
  • Rust Resistant
  • Premium Stainless Steel Blade
  • Ultra Sharp Blade
  • Lasts for a very long time
  • Easy to Clean
  • Comes with a very nice case


  • Stainless steel blade is quite hard to sharpen
  • Difficult to control for the small handed persons

2. 14" Brisket Slicer, Hollow Edge

For those people who are looking for a good knife with a great shape, this knife could be an ideal one for them. Your cutting tasks will be more and more efficient after started to use this.

If you are a professional chef and have to cut various things every day, I will suggest you give a try to this knife. It will surprise you with its marvelous performance.

The Wusthof Gourmet 14” Hollow Edge Brisket Slicing Knife comes with a single piece of Chrome Molybdenum Vanadium steel. This Chrome Molybdenum Vanadium steel is a group of steel alloys.

This alloy consists of multiple chemical ingredients like carbon, phosphorus, silicon, manganese, sulfur, chromium and vanadium. The vanadium and chromium make the steel harder than average knives.

The 14 inches huge blade is efficient for any cutting or slicing job of your kitchen. This blade is specially made for handling the large pieces of meats.

You can cut the huge pieces more delicately. Further, this knife is tinder in nature. So, your meat will be completely okay with this knife.

Everyone knows that the big meat pieces need more sharpness. That’s why the Wusthof company make this knife very sharpen. Even, you can also sharpen the blade very easily as required. I will suggest you not to sharpen it until it becomes dull. This knife also features hollow-ground indentations. It prevents the foods from sticking with the blade while cutting.

Along with the14 inches long blade, the Wusthof manufacturer company does not ignore the handle too. This knife contains the ABS polymer handle. This handle is highly resistant to heat. So, if you keep your knife close to your gas burner, it won’t be a problem.

However, it is definitely a good practice to keep your knife away from direct heat. We use the handle to control the whole knife. That’s why Wusthof makes the handle way more durable.

Further, they provide a triple riveted handle to the stainless steel. This thing is really appreciable. It provides an excellent balance over the knife.

This elegant knife also features advanced laser technology. It is used to cut your food more precisely. Every blade of Wusthof goes under the contemporary grinding and polishing process.

It ensures the blade tapers from bolster to the blade tip perfectly. Additionally, the blade edge also verified with laser technology. It ensures that the cutting angle is completely fit to cut your everyday ingredients.

This blade is made of Chrome Molybdenum Vanadium steel. So, this blade is totally rust resistant. So, you can use this knife in any weather condition.

Further, this knife comes with a plastic blade guard. This blade guard primarily prevents the knife-edges from contact with an instrument of your kitchen. Because this blades are extremely sharp and slice the briskets like butter!


  • Made from chromium molybdenum vanadium steel
  • Extremely sharp
  • Triple rivet plastic handle
  • Hollow edge available
  • Advanced laser technology passed blade
  • Easy to wash with dishwasher


  • This knife is not a good choice for cutting small ingredients.

3. Victorinox 12 Inch Fibroxthe Pro Slicing Knife With Granton Blade

You may know that Victorinox is the company behind for the famous Swiss pocket knives. So, you can expect something with a big performance.

Along with the other products, the Victorinox 12 Inch Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife with Granton Blade is also a masterpiece of them. This knife is one of the best budget-friendly slicing knives.

This great knife definitely deserves some extra attention from every knife lovers. Unlike the traditional straight knife, this knife comes with a slightly rounded shape. So, is this shape worth it? Let's figure out.

Before expressing an opinion, isn’t it better to crosscheck the features of this knife. Yes, it is. If we check the feature and price, we definitely have to say that this knife is definitely a great deal for every knife lovers with a limited budget.

It will pay you more than you may deserve from a traditional knife. Well, it is true that the utility of knife depends on the user.

But, this Victorinox knife is a high-quality and durable enough to make your everyday life more feasible.

I do not know if you ever tried to slice a brisket with a shorter knife or not. If you do not try it, then you are welcome. However, if you tried so, I feel pity for you bro! Don’t worry. Change your old knife and buy this Victorinox knife.

The blade of this knife is about 12 inches long. So, it can easily slice a large piece of brisket with a single stroke. This knife can slice your meat as thinly as paper. Well, you also have to be a professional slicer to do it.

This knife comes with a stainless steel made knife. The stainless steel is almost rustproof. That means you can use this knife for a very long time without any distortion.

This knife also comes with Granton edge. This Granton edge refers to the hollowed notch of the blade. These notches become filled with the meat juices or fat. It allows the slicer to cut your brisket like a piece of butter.

Let's talk about the sharpness. This high carbon blade itself is ice tempered. It allows the blade to hold the edge and sharpness for a long time. I am using this knife almost three years. This knife is still as sharp as the very first day.

The length of the blade is almost 12 inches. This size is perfect for both professional and non-professional chefs.

This huge blade offers the user comparatively smoother cutting and easier motion to get the perfect slice. You can cut the larger hams or briskets with the minimum effort.

This knife is an Amazon bestseller. That means it definitely owns something special. So, after considering all of these alluring features of this knife, this Victorinox is really one of the best deals within a limited budget. Even though you own a slicing knife, I will suggest you try it.


  • It contains Grantons
  • Best for slicing big briskets
  • Good for slicing tender meat
  • Very sharp blade with hollow edge
  • Well balanced comfortable handle


  • Too long to gripe safely
  • Needs to sharpen very often

4. Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife

Do you ever use an electric slicing knife? People do not use this because of the lack of proper knowledge. Electric knives are far better than the manual knives in some cases. There are few amazing electric knives are available that will offer you more than you need from a traditional slicing knife.

For example, most of the people want a slicing knife only for slicing foods. But an electric knife can do more. In this part of our article, I am going to inform you an amazing electric knife named Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife.

Let’s start -

The most electric knife comes with only a set of stainless steel. It doesn’t matter whether you like it or not, you must have to use it. But the Cuisinart electric knife helps you to fix this dilemma.

Cuisinart electric knife will provide you a different set of blades to choose from. This knife comes with a very sharp blade. It is made of highly qualitative and durable stainless steel.

The resilient stainless steel guards the blade against corrosion and rust. Even it helps the blade from being bending or breaking in pressure.

You can easily cut your daily ingredients with this knife. The blade slicing blade can cut your bread more precisely than you may think of! The bread slicing blade of this Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife is packed for slicing various fruits and vegetables.

For example, the watermelon, eggplant, hard cheese, fruit etc. However, if you need to get some perfectly sliced meat of turkey, roasts, ham, beef, pork or chicken, then it will be better to get attach the carving blade.

The attaching process is very easy for this knife. People with almost zero technical knowledge also can easily swap the blades.

The Cuisinart CEK-40 is an electrically powered knife. Generally, the electric knives become cordless because of their battery. The rechargeable batteries are merged in the knife.

These rechargeable batteries run a powerful motor of the knife. This powerful motor can separate bones from meat efficiently. Further, the design also plays a significant role to help the users to cut veggies or meats.

Its ergonomic handle design makes the slicing easy for both right and left-handed peoples. They won’t feel any kind of fatigue while cutting or carving for a long time.

This electric knife also packed with a powerful grip. Basically, the electric knives rotate more than a manual knife. So, these knives required more control over the knife.

The Cuisinart manufacturer company provides a powerful grip with this knife to control efficiently.

Another excellent feature of this Cuisinart CEK is the hardwood butcher block. This block is made from pure hardwood. So, it becomes a stable and secure place to keep your knife safe from your child.

About every knife users face some difficulties about the maintenance of their knife. The Cuisinart CEK-40 is a champion in this fact. The easy and efficient maintenance is one of the main reasons for the vast popularity of this knife.

You may think that the blades would be a problem while cleaning this knife. But, you can easily attach or remove the blades. You have to use the electric blade release buttons to do so.

That means the blade removing is only one click away! After removing the blade, you can easily wash your knife with the dishwater or simply by using your hand. However, don’t forget to dry the knife before locking it back to its position. Always use a dry and clean cloth to make your knife dry.


  • Powerful motor
  • Safety lock
  • Two separate steel blades
  • One-touch on/off control
  • Less exertion
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Takes comparatively large space of your kitchen storage space
  • Cannot be used in a wet environment

5. Mercer Culinary Millennia 14-Inch Granton-Edge Slicer Knife

Not every knife is good for your kitchen. The selected knife must be unique with all possible features to win the heart of the owner. But how could you get a perfect knife? Well, that could be a very big deal for you, but not for us.

We have already researched about multiple knives and selected top six slicing knives for you. In this section, we are representing the Mercer Culinary Millennia 14-Inch Granton-Edge Slicer Knife.

This Mercer Culinary millennium is such a beast for every kitchen. What do you want from a slicing knife? It owns everything that you need.

The gorgeous design, long and sharper blade, comfortable handles everything is present on a single knife. Let's do a basic post-mortem of this knife.

The handle is the very first component that I have noticed first while reviewing this unit. Its gorgeously designed handle will attract yours badly for sure. This black handle is made from Santoprene. It also uses polypropylene to make the handle more durable for the users.

So, this handle becomes a durable one with a comfortable grip. Is there anything more you need a handle? Well, you may miss a very important point. A handle will be a real nightmare if it is slippery for your hand.

To protect from this bizarre problem, the handle comes with a textured finger point. It ensures that your handle will not slip from your hand.

Further, it provides maximum grip than the other similar slicing knives. The handle also widens at the ending point. It makes your finger more secure from the blade.

The blade definitely comes next to the handle. Let's get some technical details about the blade. The blade of this Mercer Culinary Millennia Slicer Knife is made of high-carbon Japanese stainless steel.

This steel is very resistant to rust, corrosion, and discoloration. That means a real sharper blade for your kitchen! This blade is perfect for every kitchen with any weather condition. The sharpen Granton edge is very easy to maintain.

Every chef knows what a Granton edge means! It is really a big thing to get a Granton edge on this knife.

You can easily slice your roasted steak with this ultra sharpen knife-edge. So, you don’t need to think about the performance, quality or safety of this knife.

To provide a perfect slice, the manufacturer company makes the blade very thin. You know, the thinner the better. Only the thin blades can make your knives an accurate slicer. This Mercer Culinary Millennia blade is very thin and contains 17 degrees bevel angle.

It allows you to cut your kitchen ingredients more accurately in straight line. Along with this thin knife, you should consider the Granton grooves too. Most of the professional chefs are the biggest fan of this Granton grooves of this Culinary Millennia. It helps the user to avoid the blade sticking while slicing brisket.

There is a downgrade of this knife. Sadly, this knife is not dishwasher safe. The dishwasher may weaken the handle. So, it will be better not to use the dishwasher. However, the cleaning process is also very easy for this knife.

​You can clean this with your bare hand. Further, the groove does not allow any brisket part to stick with the knife. So, it becomes very easy to clean. The professional chefs recommend washing the blade with clean water. However, don’t forget to use a dry cloth to make the blade dry after washing.

The last but not the least amazing fact is this slicing knife is NSF certified. It owns this precious certification because of its amazing design and extremely good performance.

So, I don’t think you have any further confusion about the quality of this knife. If your budget is about similar to the price of this knife, just get it. You won’t regret sure.


  • High-carbon Japanese stainless steel made blade
  • Rust, corrosion and discoloration resistant
  • Perfect handle
  • Very sharp blade
  • 17 degrees of bevel edge
  • NSF Certified 


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Needs to sharpen frequently

6. Dexter 13463 12-Inch Silver Sani-Safe Scalloped Roast Slicer Knife

You may wonder by the name “Dexter”. Doesn’t it remind you the famous TV series named “Dexter”? Yes, it also happens to me! It's not a big deal! But, did you notice the knife of the serial killer of Dexter?

Well, I am not going to review that serial killer's knife. But, it is also a knife named “Dexter”. So, with a name like that, don’t take it lightly. This Dexter 13463 12-Inch Silver Sani-Safe Scalloped Roast Slicer Knife is more than just a slicing knife.

Famous BBQ author Aaron Franklin recommends this Dexter Safe Scalloped Roast Slicer Knife as one of the best knives for slicing or curving brisket in his book named ‘Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto’.

It is definitely a reliable source. After selecting this knife as out top six items, it reminds us that it was a completely good choice. Let's talk about the different attractive features of this widely renowned knife.

Let's start with the blade. This Dexter knife comes with a 12 inches long blade. It is a high carbon steel made knife. This material is a very good choice for the knives with everyday usage. This superior blade shape is very easier for slicing your brisket.

Besides slicing the brisket, you can also slice veggies, hams, chickens and lots more. This knife is sharp enough to slice your everyday ingredients.

The blade is hand honed. So, this unit comes with an ultimate sharp edge. Its uniquely sharpen blade edge is geometry proved for appropriate slicing. Its edges are very long lasting and easily restored performance.

Further, the scalloped serrations are designed in such a way so that it causes very less damage to your food. This blade edge makes it easier for the newbies for slicing brisket decently. Its scalloped blade is very nice to cut the fatty pieces of meat, bread or even the vegetables.

The handle comes serially after the blade. So, let’s find out the handle quality of this knife. The blade is made of polypropylene. It is a thermoplastic addition polymer chemical made by the combination of propylene monomers.

It is a 5 inches long handle. That means it will be efficient to handle this knife by the people with comparatively large palm. With this handle, this knife becomes a 17 inches long knife. That means it could be a great tool for cutting a big piece of brisket.​

It is true that this knife will not win any beauty awards with this plastic knife. But this knife will give you a good grip. The heavily textured polypropylene is the main reason behind this. It is also slip resistant. So, it will be your perfect companion if you are on a hurry.

Fingerprint protection is another most important feature of most of the recent knives. Just like the other flagship knife, this unit also comes with fingerprint protection feature. Its protective finger guard is located on the top of the handle.

This Dexter 13463 12-Inch Silver Sani-Safe Scalloped Roast Slicer Knife is an NSF certified knife. So, you definitely should give a try to this masterpiece. It can definitely own your heart by the performance.


  • Superior blade-shape
  • Scalloped blade for better carving
  • Protective finger guard
  • Slip-resistant and ergonomic handle
  • Hand-honed edge
  • NSF certified


  • No storage sheath included

**Types of Slicing Knife**

The slicing knives are the essential tools for cutting large pieces of meat. These knives are mostly used for catering businesses, buffet, and restaurants. These knives contain a long and sharp blade to cut dense meat.

It is perfect for cutting turkey, prime rib, roast beef and many more. This knife is a perfect tool for home chefs too. You can use slicing knives to cut your everyday kitchen ingredients like bread, butter, meat, smoked BBQ brisket, veggies and many more. Before buying a slicing knife, you must know different kinds of slicing knives.

There are two different types of slicing knives are available in the market.

They are –

  • Electric Slicing Knives
  • Manual Slicing Knives

Each of these knives has their own positives and negatives. Let's find out more about these knives.

Electric Slicing Knives

The electric knives may seem like relics of the past. But they are shimmying away in twenty-first century’s kitchen. The electric knives come with two identical serrated blades. These serrated blades are riveted together.

These blades are snapped into a motorized base. This motor is located at the handle of this knife. So, the handle becomes longer than usual knives.

There is a power button to turn on/off the motor. These dual-band blades can move in the opposite directions. One will move forward and another one moves backward. It creates a sewing motion and cuts your food with a very minimum pressure.

Theoretically, a slicing knife must be a great thing to choose. Well, it is definitely a good choice for the newbie’s. But, the professional chefs do not like it much. One of the best reasons is the loud noise. It may also rip and tear food if you cannot operate it properly.


  • Good choice for the people with less mobility and strength
  • Requires very low pressure
  • Cutting is much faster
  • Different blade size for robust cutting


  • Generates loud noise
  • May rip or tear food

Manual Slicing Knives

The manual slicing knives are the most widely used knives for slicing briskets. A perfect manual slicing knife has plenty of other uses besides slicing brisket.

Cutting your BBQ meats, smoked meats, fishes, veggies or whatever else, the manual slicing knives is always a perfect solution for all of this.

These knives contain a static blade with a comfortable handle. There is no motor to run your blade. You have to do it manually. However, no battery means any worn related tension! The blade of these knives is available in different sizes.

You can choose one according to your preference. Generally, these knives do not have an opportunity to change the blades manually. If your blade becomes dull, then you may sharpen it again or simply buy another one.

Though few people own an electric slicing knife, they should keep at least one manual slicing knife in their kitchen. The electric knives break down frequently. The motor could stop working in case of over-usage. But, you don’t need to worry about stop working with a manual slicing knife.


  • More flexible to cut
  • Durable and cheaper in price
  • No electricity required
  • Lasts for a longer time


  • Requires more strength
  • Takes more time to cut meat

Slicing Knife

The slicing knives are also known as the slicer. These knives can slice large briskets, roasts, venison, pork, and fishes. They can also precisely slice your veggies and fruits. These knives are more flexible to get thinner slices of your brisket.

In case of length, the slicing knives are about 8-10 inches in length. It is a very comfortable length to slice large pieces of meats.

The blade of these knives contains a large and narrow blade. The ultra sharpens the straight edge of slicing knives can make your slice as thinly as a paper.

The slicing knives are perfect for cutting large pieces of meat with few bones. Hard bones distract the slice to cut accurately. These knives also include a blunt or pointed tip. Choose a tip according to your task.

Carving Knife

The carving knives are looks like a narrower chef’s knife. The carving knives are mostly used for carving poultry, ham, and roasts perfectly. The blade of these knives is ridged.

It helps the user to control the blade more efficiently while cutting. The length of this knife is about 12-14 inches.

The carving knives come with a large thick and ridged blade. They are good for cutting meat pieces with bone. Further, the blade contains a pointed tip. It helps the knife to disjoint the meats away from the knife. Overall, it is the best choice for the meats with bone.

* Slicing Knife Vs Carving Knife *

Though the slicing and carving knives are quite similar, they have some key difference too. Some of these differences are listed below –

  • A slicing knife is generally longer than carving knife. while a carving knife is about 8-10 inches in length, the slicing knives are about 12-14 inches.
  • The slicing knives have the blunt or pointed tip. However, the carving knives contain narrow tip.
  • Most slicing knives contain “Granton” edge. It is missing on the carving knives.
  • The slicing knives are good for boneless meats. On the contrary, you should use the carving knives to slice the meats with bone.
  • The carving knives are thicker than slicing knives.

Brisket Slicing Knife Buying Guide

In this era of technology, you may find plenty of fancy kitchen tools to boost up your cooking experience. But the most important one remains same from the ancient period of cooking.

I hope you have already guessed that! Yes, it’s your knife. A perfect knife will make your everyday cooking tasks more than smoother than you may think. It will be smooth like the shiny smooth table of your kitchen. Make your kitchen table more shiny and smooth by using the best finish for your kitchen table.

There are lots of slicing knives are available in the current knife industry. Choosing the best among them is definitely a difficult task. However, there is also no shortcut way of selecting this most important tool for your kitchen.

You must need to consider few important factors to buy a decent knife. You should get a decent knowledge about all of these factors to choose the right knife. In this section, I am going to inform you about these factors. Hope that it will help you with choosing the right knife.

1. Budget

If you really love cooking, it must worth spending few bucks for a good knife. The brisket slicing knife doesn’t cut your pocket for sure. You can buy a medium brisket slicing knife under hundred bucks.

However, selecting the budget is the very first thing to buy a knife. Actually, it is true for not only slicing knives but also for everything.

Choosing the appropriate knife requires more time than you think. After passing all of the selection processes, it is not an easy thing to choose another one in lieu of your chosen one. You have to face this kind of difficulties if you do not select your budget range. So, select your budget first and then choose your knife.

2. Your cooking style

After selecting your budget, it’s time to concentrate on your personal requirements. In this section, you have to determine what types of meals you have to cook frequently.

If your family members love briskets, you definitely cook brisket frequently. For example, if someone is pure vegetarian, then why will he buy a boning knife?

There is no sense of buying a boning knife for him. So, determine your cooking style and select your knife according to that.

However, it may happen that you have already owned a brisket slicing knife. So, what should you do? Well, in this case, you should try to upgrade your previous knife. If your knife is 10 inches long, then go for the longer one. You will find plenty of slicing knife with 12 to 14 inches long blade. The long blades will help to cut the big pieces of briskets more efficiently than the smaller blade.

3. Blade material

In the previous era, people only use the stainless steel made blades. But, nowadays there becomes a revaluation of knife blades. You will find lots of blade materials like stainless steel, carbon steel, high carbon stainless steels, ceramic, titanium and many more.

Each of these materials has their own advantages and disadvantages. Analyzing the best material among them isn’t a piece of the pie. Before choosing the right one, you have to understand your requirements first.

If you love rust resistance blade with simple care, then go for stainless steel blades. The stainless steel made blades require less maintenance than other materials. Further, if you love keen edge, then you should go for carbon steel.

The carbon steel made knives are famous for their reasonable price with a sharper edge. These knives are also easier to sharpen. On the contrary, the high carbon stainless steels are very strong and offer you ultimate cutting experience. But this material is comparatively more expensive than others.

4. Handle material

The handle is one of the most important ones after the blade. Though you select an amazing blade, your knife would be your a just because of the handle. A poorly made uncomfortable handle will ruin your cutting experience for sure. So, choose the handle wisely.

You will find lots of knives with different handle materials. Among them, the most important ones are plastic, wood, Synthetics, stainless steel etc. The plastic made handles provide very easier grip and non-slippery.

Most of the knife manufacturers use plastic as their knife handle. They are also less expensive. However, if you want a knife handle with gorgeous looking, you may try the stainless steel made handles.

5. Safety

Though the knife manufacturers are enough conscious about the safety, it is better to check on your own. While selecting a knife, check if it has any finger top on the handle.

It protects your finger while cutting briskets. Further, do not choose a slippery handle. It may also cause any kind of unwanted accident. Remember, it is your duty to ensure your safety.

Wrapping up

Slicing a newly cooked smoked brisket is a very delicate task. It is not just a cutting task, it is a form of art. Few people may like to use the electric knives for efficiency.

But most of the professional chefs love to work with their own hand. Well, you may collect both of them. Just use what you need and when.

The good thing about the brisket knife is that they do cost a little to buy a decent knife. So, buying a decent slicing knife with “Granton” edge is definitely a huge upgrade over the random knife.

You may choose one of our top six chosen knives. All of them are almost perfect for their price. Just choose your favorite one and thank us every time you start slicing!

Happy slicing!

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