Amoretti Brother’s Copper Cookware Set of 11 with Flower Lid Review: A Fancy Product For Your Kitchen

Amoretti Brother’s Copper Cookware set of 11 with flower lid is a high-end premium product. They are offering you one of the finest designs of copper cookware. There are so many products on the market and it is really hard to choose which one to buy. If you're looking for a high-quality premium product with a luxury look, then go for Amoretti Brothers Copper 11 pc Cookware Set with Flower Lid. It will be probably the best you'll find in the market.

So, now you probably thinking what makes this cookware a better choice than others or why should one go for it? Why it is the best? I will give every answers of them. To make all these questions clear to you, check the review and you will get to know about the features, benefits and everything of this product below to make your decision. So, check this out.

Quick Specs

  • This is the finest hand-hammered copper

  • It has a Signature lid and hand-crafted handles in bronze

  • It's tin lined, with a double layer of tin for longer durability

  • It’s 2 mm- thick for the best cooking performance

Why It Is The Best Option


High-end premium quality


Not the cheapest, but gives you the best product at this price


Undoubtedly you will get the best cooking performance


A beautiful and luxury set of cookware with premium quality


Undoubtedly you will get the best cooking performance

Product Description

The hand-hammered copper pan is one of the most prestigious and gorgeous items in cuisine. It first appeared in the luxurious villas of the Italian Renaissance. It was called the king of the pans and today it’s recognized as an exclusive gourmet instrument. It’s also preferred by many chefs around the world for its effective heat distribution.

I personally use this beautiful cookware set and it is not just lucrative but also gives you a high-end quality product.

So, this is the ultimate copper cooking set by Amoretti Brothers. It is a hand-hammered solid copper with tin lining and also has their signature cast-bronze Flower lid.

Thes pans are a real work of art and also durable. So you can take that as an investment for your generations.

There is a total of 11-pieces in this set which contains the following items:

  • 1.3-quart cocotte with lid
  • 4 quart sauté pan with lid
  • 10-quart dutch oven pan with lid
  • 11-inch frying pan
  • 10 qt Stockpot &
  • A 2.8 qt saucepan with lid

The set will be perfect for you. These are made with a hand-forged with 2 mm hand-hammered copper and tin lined on the cooking surface with a double layer of tin which gives you the guarantee of extra durability during the years.

Product Information




Hammered Copper- polished




Double layer of tin for extra durability



Product Dimensions

32.7 x 24.8 x 32.7 inches

Item Weight

92 pounds

The Tinning : This tin lining process is performed by using the traditional flame/bolter method and that is performed manually. You will get a perfect lining, with 100% pure tin and will be extremely durable.

The Handles : They produce the handle in brass with the ancient method of mold melting. Then they polish those by hand one by one. The rivets are made in copper and they are very thick.

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  • ​It heats quickly and evenly
  • Durable than any other cookware
  • Premium in quality
  • It is very lucrative


  • Price is a bit high for regular people

​Wrapping Up

So Amoretti Brother’s Copper Cookware set of 11 with flower lid is undoubtedly a high-end premium product, and if you want to buy this kind of gourmet things go for this brand. You will get a high-quality product with long durability. Also, if you are planning to gift cookware set to someone close to you, you can easily give this premium cookware set. Check here to know more about Amoretti Brother’s “Copper Cookware”.

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